• VR and AR gaming

    Do you think VR and AR gaming will become as good as traditional gaming? If so, how long do you think before the technology reaches that point?

  • Does anyone actually max out lenovo rewards monthly?

    I find it very difficult to finish the adding of new friends and receiving likes on my content every month. Wish there was a way to have more agency on the receiving likes other than posting a ton of new topics.

  • Have you won a giveaway here?

    Has anyone here won a giveaway from here? Did it help change your life?

  • Do You All Game with Lights Off Or On?

    Jusy curious. I have an IPS 1440p monitor that has bad glare from the ceiling light but sometimes lights off hurt my eyes from the monitor.

  • In your opinion, which classic strategy games would benefit from a modern remake and why?

    What updates or improvements would you like to see in these remakes to enhance gameplay and player experience?

  • Coolers

    Does anyone here use cooling pads or fans for their laptop? For context, I use a legion slim 7, which doesn't have the same cooling chambers as the normal 7 and it shows after a bit of gaming (peaks at 85C at times). I got the klim mistral and it does…

  • First game to play on new pc?

    Entered to win a new laptop here.  If you win or if you have bought a new Lenovo pc/laptop what is the first game you plan on playing?

    I'm planning on Starfield.