• Minecraft Characters Join Super Smash Bros

    The madmen actually did it... Steve from Minecraft is coming to Smash!

    But he's not alone - Steve will be joined by Enderman, Alex, and Zombie in the official Super Smash Bros roster.

    Although we've only seen a quick trailer for these characters…

  • Wild Rift Closed Beta Coming to New Regions

    Ready to jump into Wild Rift?

    Riot announced this week that they'll be resetting closed beta progression soon, to make room for more players and new regions.

    I'm personally very excited for this game to hit NA, even as an avid PC player. This game…

  • MMORPGs: A Brief History - Lenovo Legion

    Get an inside look at Crowfall!

    At #TeamLegion we are people of culture.

    So with the help of two gentlemen who worked on Crowfall, let's explore the history of MMORPGs and discover the process behind the creation of such innovations.

    Buckle up, we…

  • Cyberpunk 2077 System Requirements Announced

    The system requirements have been announced for Cyberpunk 2077, and they're not as insane as initially expected. Still, to get the maximum performance out of the game, you'll want things like GeForce RTX GPUs to support the incredible graphics we've…

  • Advice for First-Time PC Buyers

    In 2020, more people are trying PC gaming than ever before.

    For first-time PC buyers, learning everything you need to know to start PC gaming can be overwhelming. 

    What are your tips for those who want to start playing on PC, but don't know where to start…

  • Meet the Legion - PopOS

    This week, we're meeting Pop!

    Pop_OS_Gaming is a Twitch streamer who uses his channel to demonstrate the gaming capabilities of the Pop!_OS operating system. His first gaming experience was on his cousin's NES.

    "Once I got my own, I was hooked."…

  • Meet the Legion - McKittens

    Meet Mckittens.

    Mckittens is a Twitch streamer who specializes in streaming FPS titles like Overwatch, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty. He's been on Twitch since 2012, and is a Twitch Affiliate. He's also a staff member here at Lenovo!

    Mckittens told…

  • Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Launches

    Apex Legends has released its official crossplay beta!

    Will you be squading up with friends on other platforms?

    Do you think this change will make a big difference in the playerbase and meta?

  • Meet the Legion - HexSteph

    Meet HexSteph, a Lenovo Legion Ambassador.

    HexSteph is an Australian content creator with a long history in all types of gaming content. She's done everything from live TV, to livestreaming, to YouTube content. 

    Steph incorporates a mix of gaming…

  • Meet the Legion - RedBeardedNinja

    This week, we're meeting RedBeardedNinja!

    RedBeardedNinja is a Facebook streamer who specializes in streaming titles like Fortnite, Rainbow 6: Siege, and Pokemon. He started on Mixer in 2017, then dabbled in Twitch before eventually deciding on Facebook…

  • Meet the Legion - Meepachan

    Today, we're meeting Meepa!

    Meepachan maintains a personal blog and is soon making the dive into gaming content creation. She's a big fan of PVE and survival games like ARK, with a passion for community engagement.

    Meepa told us that she loves…

  • Meet the Legion - AwakeForever

    Today, we're meeting Awake!

    AwakeForever is currently ranked #4 on our Community Leaderboard, and is a proud #BeardBrother. He's an active member of our daily chats, and is always happy to help others users get plugged in.

    Awake told us that he…

  • Meet the Legion - iTonbo

    Today, we're meeting iTonbo!

    iTonbo is an enthusiastic and energizing member of the Legion Gaming Community! 

    He bring a lot of positivity and energy to the community while balancing a busy life of family, work, and school.


    What does "gaming community…
  • Meet the Legion - DhaosMakina

    Drumroll please...

    This week we are meeting DhaosMakina!

    DhaosMakina is a Twitch streamer who loves a variety of games from Retro to MMOs. You can catch him streaming games such as Final Fantasy 6/14; Pokémon Sword/Shield; Beat Saber amongst many others…

  • Meet the Legion - TheHoBoLoBo

    Meet TheHoBoLoBo!

    TheHoBoLoBo is a friendly content creator who enjoys FPS games like Halo and Call of Duty. You can find HoBoLoBo running around the warzone on his Legion Y920T when he isn’t busy making friends around the Legion Gaming Community. Keep…