• Do you prefer to take your time, discover everything there is and do all or most of the side quests or do you prefer to run through it to finish/solve the game as quickly as possible?

    Finishing a computer game quickly can offer a sense of accomplishment and efficiency, allowing you to explore other games in your library, on the other side taking your time in a computer game allows for a deeper immersion in the game world, enabling…

  • What Skyrim shout is your favourite

    The Dovahkiin uses over 25 shouts. Which one is your favourite?

  • Makeshift Poll on Consoles/PC

    A poll option in the future would be sick but for now just write the number of your option in the replies! For those of you who DON'T own the following, if you could pick one you'd love to own, which would you choose?

    1. Gaming PC

    2. Ps5

    3. Xbox…

  • Trustworthy sources of pc benchmarks

    There are a lot of people and businesses who do hardware tests but not all of them are reliable, generally I avoid unknown youtube channels or websites and stick to known good sources. I will list some sources I think are good here and hopefully others…

  • Who is looking forward to the new Fable game?

    I have been a fan of the series since the release of Fable 2. I really enjoyed the humour and the way the world change based on your decision.

  • Prize Draw - Win a Legion 5 15 Laptop!

    UK Legion 5 15 Giveaway - Nov '22

    Ready for our latest prize draw, Legion? Of course you are!

    During November, we're giving away a Legion 5 15 to one lucky winner.

    For a chance to get your hands on this swanky piece of tech, just follow the instructions…


    *Drumroll Please*

    It's time for us to announce the latest winner of our Legion 'Post of the Month' competition

    Congratulations to Geyser, who won for his fantastically spooky thread - HALLOWEEN - YOUR FAVOURITE SCARY GAMES AND ENTERTAINMENT…

  • Which is best console of Nintendo?

    For me SNES (Super Nintendo) is best ever made. Many very great games.

    And you?

  • Games to look after in 2023

    Which game are you eagerly awaiting that will be released in 2023?

    There are so many upcoming great titles, but I am mostly looking forward to Final Fantasy XVI. After seeing the latest trailer, my expectations are high, but the game looks so good 

  • Xbox Game Pass - Games You Should Play

    With so many games on Xbox Game Pass, it's hard to find time to play everything...

    What titles do you recommend that others with Game Pass check out?

    For me - I wholeheartedly recommend the Ori and the Blind Forest series. Both games are amazing…