• What is your gaming-related "Dream?"

    I know the title sounds cheesy, but bear with me here. 

    When it comes to gaming, what are some of your biggest "dream" moments in the future of your gaming?

    Is it:

    • "I want to build the most decked-out battlestation to fully enjoy my games"…
  • What are your favorite games to mod?

    Recently, I've gotten back into Skyrim for the umpteenth time since I got it for the Xbox 360 back in 2011. This game was a large motivator for me building my first PC years ago, due to the wealth of different mods available for it. Normally before each…

  • Desktop or Laptop? How to choose a new device.

    What are your thoughts on the age old question: "Should I get a desktop or a laptop"?

    Each group has it's own benefits and drawbacks. I have included my thoughts below on the pros of each to hopefully help you make the right decision for…

  • What games are you playing lately?

    2021 is here - what games are you playing to kick off the new year?

    Rust has been taking over Twitch charts lately, but I'm still personally hooked on League of Legends (and probably always will be).

    What games are you running right now? Looking…