• Lenovo showing my device is "Out of Warranty" and was just bought from Best Buy on Dec 12th


    I need some support. I have just purchased the Legion Go from Best Buy on December 12th and was trying to add the Accidental Damage Protection on the Lenovo site. When I input the serial number (both manual and using Bridge), It shows that the…

  • [PC] (DLC) World of Warships — New Year Camo Collection [Free]

    DLC Price: $3.09 Free (Free until January 2)

    Base Game Price: Free to Play


    Bolster your arsenal with this festive cache that holds all the New Year-themed camouflages that have graced…

  • What brand offers quality headphones or earbuds for less than $100?

    Hi, I wanted to know what brand of headphones or earbuds would you recommend that are less than $100?  

  • Thoughts on Companies Offering Freebies / Giveaways / Contests / etc.

    Does anyone have any strong feelings (or not so strong ones) on companies that offer freebies / giveaways / contests / etc., to folks that engage with their content, follow them, etc.?  Like, does it increase your loyalty to that company or make you want…

  • Game pass worth it?

    I just got a legion 5 pro, and it comes with 3 months free. I looked at a few games on there and only a few of them are actually worth paying the subscription for. Since I have xbox game pass core which is like 25 good games, do you guys think it worth…

  • [EPIC] Deliver Us Mars game FREE

    Deliver Us Mars free on the Epic Game store

    Summary: Deliver Us Mars is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure taking you on a suspense-fuelled, high-stakes mission to recover the ARK colony ships stolen by the mysterious Outward. 


  • GTA VI Game Revealed!

    Good news for all gamers, it has announced the arrival of the first announcement to reveal its next game: Thieves Cars 6 or GTA VI  next month, December 2023.

  • Vote on December Legion Giveaways!

    Flash poll! What would you prefer to win in December?

    I'm giving away at least one Legion Go in December, but I've seen mixed feedback on whether you want more Go's or not. So lets vote on prize options! Please answer these Q's:


  • [Fanatical] The Ramp [Free] [Limited Time]


    Get this game on us!

    To celebrate BundleFestive, grab your copy of The Ramp! Simply subscribe to our email newsletter and link a valid Steam account to pick up your Steam key. Enjoy!

    Plus when you complete your…

  • Styx: Shards of Darkness FREE on GOG

    Styx: Shards of Darkness FREE on GOG

    Must be logged in to claim the giveaway.  This is almost over but maybe someone hasn't seen this deal.

  • Lenovo Legion 9i Unboxed

    Check out this in depth look of the brand new Lenovo Legion 9i, the world's first AI-Tuned gaming laptop with an integrated liquid cooling system.

    Grey and Eden walk us through the unique forged carbon A-cover to the Lenovo PureSight 3.2k mini-LED…

  • [STEAM] Crumble Free on Fanatical for the next 7 days

    Crumble will be free on Fanatical for the next 7 days or until they run out of steam keys

    Game Summary: Crumble is a physics platformer with a grappling tongue mechanic. Join the chaos of unstable platforms and unexpected destructions with this cute blue ball! Try…

  • [STEAM] We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip FREE till October 13th

    We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip will be FREE to keep if you claim before October 13th

    Game Summary: Partner up with your friend online and test your friendship by solving puzzles together in an abandoned amusement park. Work together to overcome…

  • [Epic Games] (Game) 911 Operator [Free]

    Price: $14.99 Free (Free until September 21, 15:00 UTC)


    A game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency services. Answer incoming calls and react properly - give first aid instructions…

  • Which resolution do you like to play on?

    With Starfield out, among other great games on PC, which is an ideal resolution do you prefer to play on for these massive games (seems like the min download is 110GB)? 

    1080 200+fps, 1440p 100+fps, or 4k 60fps+ ? (If not limited by GPU)