• Optimize your gaming machine for the highest FPS now!

    Hello fellow gamers! Do you want to increase your FPS?

    Let's look at a few tweaks that we can do to improve the performance of our gaming machine and our gaming experience.

    I believe that this guide will prove useful for most of us. Some of you might…

  • What do you aim to get out of the games you play?

    Recently I got my PS5, and so far (mostly due to time) I've only been able to play the new Ratchet and Clank, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I've found myself on both of these games going for every collectable, completing every side mission, and generally…

  • Gamers Say What?! (Ep. 1)

    Gamers Say Whaaaaaaaaat?!

    We chatted with Julian to learn about popular gamer slang in Columbia. 

    Paquete: “When someone is really, really bad in a game.”

    What gamer slang do you use in your language? Drop a comment…

  • Community Game Night - League of Legends

    to Coordinated Universal Time
    Legion Community Discord Server
    Join us for a community game night in League of Legends! Jump into League with the Legion community again this Thursday at 5pm EST // 2pm PST. We'll be joining voice chat in Discord to fill up lobbies with Legion Staff and Community members. Please...
  • Who's your favorite game character?

    Do you have a favorite gaming character?

    Important note - this does NOT have to be your favorite game.

    For me, it's probably Samus from Metroid.
    Although Metroid may not quite be my all-time favorite game series, Samus is an awesome character that…

  • Desktop or Laptop? How to choose a new device.

    What are your thoughts on the age old question: "Should I get a desktop or a laptop"?

    Each group has it's own benefits and drawbacks. I have included my thoughts below on the pros of each to hopefully help you make the right decision for…

  • Diablo 2 Remastered are you playing this one?

    Hey guys been playing Diablo 2 Remastered so far the nostalgia is kicking in. I miss the days who walking around with hordes of skeletal mages and warriors or rocking a pure support aura with my crusader.

    Anyone else gonna play this? if so give me headsup…