It's time to announce the winner of December's Legion 'Post of the Month' competition! So, who bagged themselves a little bit of extra Christmas cheer to round off the month? Drumroll, please!

    Congratulations to Hugo L, who kickstarted…

  • Do you think nintendo games will become more expensive?

    With the increase in price in other platforms, do you think nintendo will do the same and also increase the price of new games? Will you still buy them if they do?

  • Post your gaming set-ups!

    It's time to show off your gaming stations!

    From the humble single monitor set-up to spawling man/woman caves, post your set-ups below to show off how you game.

    For your consideration, I'll get the ball rolling with my humble abode - complete with Soldier…

  • Legion Mouse Pad

    Absolutely love the mouse pad I recently won in the draw on here. It's narrower than I expected but the design & quality is fantastic. Thrilled to have been lucky enough to win. Thank you Lenovo. 

  • A time machine takes you to the golden years of PC gaming. What year do you land in?

    You walk into a quiet side room in the basement of the lab you're visiting for work. In the corner, a suspicious machine humms, inviting you closer. You step inside and close the door, and before you know what happened you're transported to Christmas day…

  • WIN a brand-new Legion 5 GEN 7!

    UK LGC Legion 5 Gen 7 Giveaway - August '22

    We're back with a new laptop competition, and we're giving away a shiny Legion 5 Gen 7!

    For a chance to get your hands on this cutting-edge piece of tech, just follow the instructions in the widget…

  • [CLOSED] New Competition - Legion Post of the Month!

    ATTENTION LEGION! We're closing the Post of the Month for now - but it will return with a new design and set of prizes. Stay tuned!

    We’re super excited to launch our brand-new rolling monthly competition – the LEGION POST OF THE MONTH AWARD!…