• Which past gaming year/moment would you time travel to? ("Time Loader" Keys - Ended)

    If you could time travel, which past gaming moment or year would you return to?

    "Time Loader" is a game about returning to the past, with tons of nostalgia for the 90s.
    If you had a time machine and could travel to the past, which year or moment…

  • What's your favorite gaming franchise/series? (Madshot: Road to Madness Keys)

    What's your favorite gaming franchise/series?

    There are so many amazing franchises in gaming (meaning: games with multiple entries in a series).
    If you had to pick a single game series as your favorite, which would you pick? Also - which title in that…

  • [STEAM] Free game for a limited time

    It will become paid on February 17, if you add it to your library it will be registered forever.


  • "Untrusted" - In-game Currency Key Drops

    Untrusted (DLC/in-game currency Key Drops)

    Claim free In-game Currency and a Legion Icon for "Untrusted!" 

    This page is for our key DROPS system.
    Available exclusively to Legion Gaming Community members while supplies last. Keys are unlikely to…

  • Weekly Wallpaper - "Zenith"

    Another new Legion wallpaper!

    This Legion wallpaper is part of a new Gen 8 series
    Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops. If you'd like a mobile version, please go here.
    Click the attachment below for the full image, then right click and "save…

  • Meet the MyLenovo Rewards Team - Roundtable

    Meet the team behind our new Community MyLenovo Rewards launch!

    Sit down with Beth, Noa, Mackenzie, and myself in this special roundtable to learn about our new Community MyLenovo Rewards program.
    Starting February 15th, activities on Lenovo Communi…

  • Comment on Now Available: Earn MyLenovo Rewards on Community

    Hey Nocte! If you've joined the program, you can see your points on your Rewards Dashboard (look for the present icon in the menu nav).
    You can also check our full FAQ here for visuals/help

  • The Newest 2023 Lenovo Legion Lineup

    Stylish, Savage, and Smarter: Lenovo Unveils the World’s Most Powerful 16-inch AI-Tuned Gaming Laptops and an Ecosystem of Gaming Products that Fuse Epic Experiences and Sophisticated Aesthetics
    • Lenovo debuts the world’s most powerful 16-inch…
  • Now Available: Earn MyLenovo Rewards on Community


    Announcing Community MyLenovo Rewards

    Drumroll please... Introducing, the new, the amazing Legion Gaming Community - now powered by MyLenovo Rewards!
    Starting February 15th, activities on Lenovo Communities will grant you free MyLenovo Rewards. You can…

  • The last game you completed

    it was firewatch for me, kinda of a weird game for me but I really can't talk about why without spoiling it. Definitely more of an experience than a game

  • Gaming headset with or without rgb lights?

    Let's be honest rgb lights do not make everything better, i mean, yes they are great and look really cool, but if you are not a streamer they are complity worthless in a headset, you can't see them and only consum battery... 

  • Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios!

    Who's planning on going to visit Universal Studio's when the Nintendo park opens?!?

  • What's your favorite simulation game? ("Train Valley 2" Keys)

    What's your favorite "sim" type game?

    In celebration of "Train Valley 2," we're talking all about simulation games this week.
    These days there are simulation games for everything - The Sims, Flight Sim, Farming Sim, PC Building…