• Your Dream Game

    It's time for some creativity 

    Imagine the following situation:

    You have been tasked with creating the next best-selling game and have absolute freedom in decision-making during its development. In other words, you have been given the opportunity to…

  • Wired vs Wireless PC Peripherals

    Nowadays, pretty much every PC peripheral can be either wired or wireless. Both options have their pros and cons.

    Wired peripherals are generally cheaper and tend to be better for gaming, as signals travel faster and more reliably via wire than through…

  • Are co-op games so sparse?

    I love playing multiplayer games, especially the ones that focus on cooperation. Think PvE or puzzle games where the goal of all involved is to beat the game. It's because I can do LAN plays with family. 

    I only wish there were more quality co-op games…

  • Allow "Open topic in new tab" on forum topics, please

    When I browse the forums, I love to glance over the topics and open the topics I find interesting to new tabs. This lets me then read them one-by-one by shifting browser tabs.

    The ways the forums are built at this moment makes this impossible and I am…

  • Who is looking forward to the new Fable game?

    I have been a fan of the series since the release of Fable 2. I really enjoyed the humour and the way the world change based on your decision.

  • Favorite Nintendo Series... The Debated

    What's your favorite Nintendo series of all time?

    Nintendo has some of the longest-running series in gaming, plus some very dedicated fandoms behind each one.

    Which series is your all-time favorite, and why? What does it mean to you; what hooked…