• Whats your monitor hz and resolution.

    Im rocking a 1080p 270 hz monitor.

  • Gaming laptop, do you use an external mouse or the built-in trackpad?

    New to the Legion Community. I previously had a gaming PC I was using though am looking towards getting a laptop to travel with and game. I am curious if I should plan on getting a mouse or just use the trackpad on the gaming laptop. Recommendations?

  • When do you game if you have kids?

    I never game during the day anymore having two kids. I think it is very important to spend time with your children and help them grow into adults. I am a gamer at heart for sure but things change in life. I only game when they are asleep. Id say usually…

  • Who else is looking forward to Diablo 4?

    Just played the Diablo 4 beta and its pretty fun so far.  Just like D3 but with better graphics and loot system.  Anyone else looking forward to D4?

  • What games are you expecting to actually flop this year and why?

    Is it the studio, publisher or what makes you think they will do bad?

    I think the Harry Potter game will have really bad reviews but that's it, I think Wild Hearts will not do as good even though it's a game I am looking forward to.

  • RAM

    What do you think is the best amount of RAM? I will be using it for like a slight bit of gaming and some coding.