• Legion Fair Isle Style 4K Wallpaper

    Here's another wallpaper I created with Photoshop this morning, click the preview to download the full size 4K PNG file. There's a slight pixel effect and texture overlay to replicate woven fabric


  • Comment on Free Wallpaper - "Festival of Lights"

    I like both Festival of Lights and your option, maybe in different colors now that is is winter. Black and blue are the cold colors. 

  • Comment on WIN a copy of 'Sidekick' from Safe In Our World!

    my top self care trick which i actively recommend to people is running every other day, or even a walk. it massively keeps my mental health in check

  • Comment on We're teaming up with gaming charity Safe In Our World!

    I really love that Mental Health is starting to get the reconnection it deserve.  Safe In Our World in gaming, 40 Hours of 40K for Wargamers and even Mental Health treatment with DnD therapy. It is such a good thing that is does not have the stigma it did…

  • Short campaign in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

    According to the reviews, the campaign in the new Call of Duty is very short. Does that matter to you guys, or do you only buy it for multi-player?

    I personally spend a lot of time in multi-player, so for me it is worth it even without a campaign, but…

  • Comment on [CLOSED] WIN a Legion T5 tower PC!

    Hey Steinhund, Chris.

    Thanks for the heads up on this, and sorry to hear you are having issues. I've checked the coding of the competition on the back end, and it doesn't seem like there are any errors from our side.

    Good to know that Ingonito…

  • If you like battlefield and Star Wars try this Star Wars battlefront 2

    I was going through my gaming library for something to play. As a Star Wars fan I had forgotten about Star Wars battlefront 2. After installing it I was surprised to find a game under a minute the hole weekend. The game stil looks stunning, the atmosphere…

  • Steam Summer Sale 2023 will begin on June 29!

    Steam Summer Sale 2023 will begin on June 29!

    (posted this on the US Site too but ill post it here too)

    source: https://twitter.com/steamdb/status/1671802927340560384

  • Nvidia driver Debloat tool.

    As the title suggests there is a debloat tool for Nvidia drivers called NVCleanInstall.

    In all honesty it is very simple to use, I would link a video to a use and claims thing but there are many from different people claiming different things, but mainly…

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Site maintenance on Monday, 26th June 2023


    This is just a quick note to let you know that the Legion Gaming Community will be closed for a few hours on Monday, between 9:00am and roughly 12:00pm UK time, to allow us to perform some important site maintenance.

    Please note that whilst we're…

  • Comment on WIN Brand-New Gen 8 Legion Pro 5!

    Quick question/suggestion - love the fact that the Legion community does these giveaways and was wondering if they'd ever think about doing some sort of competition? Like best 'creative' legion (or other themes) inspired art or something? It could range…

  • Comment on WIN Brand-New Gen 8 Legion Pro 5!

    Yes, as always it's subtle enough to use in work or college without drawing any unwanted attention. That's the good thing about the Legion design ethos and of course the easy RGB function key shortcuts to quickly turn the lights on/off as need…

  • Tetris Movie

    I was never a fan of Tetris, but really liked the style and content of the movie. Have you seen it? What do you think about gaming related movies like "Tetris", "Ready Player One" or "Gamer"?

  • Friendships from Gaming

    I have been playing a Scrabble-type game with the same person for twelve years. In that time, we've talked about our families and gotten to know about one another's life.

    We have since become friends and hopefully will meet up someday. Our problem…

  • Which game you used to play when u was a child?

    I remember when i was in kinder the tarzan or jimmy neutron game, and when i grew up i noticed that it's on steam, so i replay with my littlebrothers and cousins too. On the other hand it's nostalgic to play remakes like Resident evil, Crash and Spyro…