• [GOG] The Whisperer FREE till November 1st

    The Whisperer will be FREE on GOG for the next 2 days

    This was free on GOG already, so some of you probably already own it.

    Steam Summary: Investigate an abandoned trading post, explore its surroundings and solve the terrible mystery it holds. The Whisperer…

  • What gaming deal do you think we may get by the end of this year?

    What kind of deals do you think we will get by the end of December? And major discounts in popular gaming companies?

  • Christmas

    What you want for Christmas?

  • how to update AMD adrenaline edition for Legion Go

    it seems like legion go is using a customized version of AMD adrenaline edition software and I cannot update it inside the software. what's the best way to update it?

  • Hobby

    What is your favorite Hobby and Why?

  • GTA VI Game Revealed!

    Good news for all gamers, it has announced the arrival of the first announcement to reveal its next game: Thieves Cars 6 or GTA VI  next month, December 2023.

  • Franchises you wish to see come back

    As the title says, which franchises would you wish to come back with a new title, an anthology or anything else?

    Personnaly, I'm still waiting on a new Splinter Cell entry, after the surprisingly good Blacklist, I would have thought that they would have…

  • legion go

    Hey Everyone, 

    How do you like the new Legion Go? How does it compare to other handhelds out there (ex the Steam deck)?

  • laptop Keyboard longevity

    Hey all, 

    I just ordered a Legion Pro 5i with the i9 and 4070. Was just curious how the keyboard holds up with heavy use. My palms due tend to get a bit sweaty with all the excitement of todays AAA titles. Are the caps easily removed for cleaning? 

    Do you…

  • What is your favorite console from Nintendo?

    Nintendo console for me is amazing, it's not just an upgrade to their old console its a different experience. 

    I am curious. What do you consider to be your favorite Nintendo console (or consoles, if you can't decide), and what makes you attracted…

  • Legion Go Update 11.17.23

    Hello Everyone,

    Seems like the theme has become Friday updates, will try to continue this trend as long as possible.  Might skip next week due to the holiday and potential lack of new info with the short week, but will return after.

    Recapping the previous…

  • Legion go screen not waking from sleep

    Hey all. I’ve had my Legion go for 3 days now.Llike many people, I am having issues with the Software.

    In particular at the moment whenever my legion go is left innactive and goes to sleep  I cannot get the screen to wake up. Tapping the screen 

  • Game pass worth it?

    I just got a legion 5 pro, and it comes with 3 months free. I looked at a few games on there and only a few of them are actually worth paying the subscription for. Since I have xbox game pass core which is like 25 good games, do you guys think it worth…

  • Vote on December Legion Giveaways!

    Flash poll! What would you prefer to win in December?

    I'm giving away at least one Legion Go in December, but I've seen mixed feedback on whether you want more Go's or not. So lets vote on prize options! Please answer these Q's:


  • Liquid Metal Longevity and Risks?

    Hey Legionados, I just ordered my first Legion! Pro 7i, with Liquid Metal in the cpu. Had a couple questions since I’m totally unfamiliar. I see conflicting info about how it’s “dangerous” and can destroy your laptop if it spills, and have heard that…