• Lenovo Legion Product

    What is your favorite Lenovo Legion Product?

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  • V23.20.24.03 VGA Driver Release

    Hi All,

    This driver has passed testing and will be released any day now on our support site here: laptops and netbooks :: legion series :: legion go 8apu1 - Lenovo Support US

    For those of you who would like access to it earlier you can download the file…

  • Directx12 error on PC

    Have anyone tried to launch the game through dx12 and got an error/crash at startup? No matter what I tried I couldn't load the game using dx12.

  • My Review Of the Lenovo Legion 9i Gaming Laptop With RTX 4080

    Hey Guys!

    Just did a review of the Lenovo Legion 9i laptop if anyone is considering this laptop! I used it exclusively for over a month while I was on vacation and it was rock solid and reliable the entire time. I also use the Gen 8 Legion desktop as…

  • Laptop Longevity

    I just recently purchased the Lenovo Legion 9 and as costly it was, I would like to keep it as long as possible. What steps do I need to take to keep my laptop running smoothly?

  • Lenovo Legion H200 vs H500 Gaming Headset Comparison

    Recently purchased both the H200 and H500 Legion headsets from Lenovo. I've noticed that with the H500 7.1 surround is only preferred in a few games like Warzone and a few other FPS shooters.

    The H200 for it's price has performed great and I seem…

  • What brand offers quality headphones or earbuds for less than $100?

    Hi, I wanted to know what brand of headphones or earbuds would you recommend that are less than $100?  

  • Exclusive Interview - "Kitaria Fables"

    Check out my exclusive interview with the team behind "Kitaria Fables!"

    As part of our event this week, I sat down with game designer "Yogie" to learn about his role in making the game.
    Make sure to enter our sweepstakes for a chance…

  • Get a Sneak Peak of a new Legion Community Project!

    We're working on something big for the Legion Community, and we need your help.

    Exclusive Future Shaper badges are up for grabs to the first 10 members who sign up to be part of our community superuser interview!

    In the interview, you'll speak directly…

  • The Finals - Thoughts So Far?

    So I've been playing The Finals for the last couple of nights and am overall enjoying the game. I was just wondering what everyone else's experience with it has been so far? I'll list some personal gripes I have with it so far:

    - So many swords…

  • Show us your Legion-themed gaming setup! (Social Collab)

    Show us your best Legion setups!

    Think you've got a cool gaming setup/battlestation? We want to see it!

    We're looking for the snazziest photos of your Legion gaming setups to share on official Legion social media. Bonus points if it's holiday-themed…

  • Legion Weekly - Legion Go Mid-December Update & Creator Opportunities

    Welcome to Legion Weekly for December 19th!

    In this semi-weekly segment, I'll be doing a quick rundown of the latest news and highlights in the Legion Community. If you want to quickly get caught up, but don't have time to browse the full site, this is…

  • Not receiving notifications for replies here in the Legion Go group...

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently not receiving any reply notifications for when anyone is responding to my messages in this forum... I only receive the messages for my own replies... I tried to change the settings in my profile settings, but nothing changed so…