• Mobile Device preference Phone or Tablet?

    What is everyones preference on playing mobile games.

    Do you prefer on a tablet or a phone?

    If phone > Which one 

    If Tablet > Which one

  • Any upcoming VR titles you're excited about?

    I'm hoping some big games start releasing with VR support.

  • Sleeping hours

    After a long working day and finishing your earrings, how much time do you spend resting?
    It makes me crusiosity, because lately I've been sleeping 4 hours a day to play with the compas and have a good time on Discord, but I know that somehow it hurts…

  • What are good games for an underpowered PC?

    Hi all,

    I just got a new PC, but, like my previous PC, it only has integrated graphics. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for recent games which will run on low end hardware, or tips to make recent AAA releases run on low end hardware…

  • Favorite Horror Movies Of 2022/2023?

    What are your favorite horror movies so far from that got released this year and/or last year? Below is a list of my Top 10 from the past 2 years so far.


    This was a very easy #1 pick for me. Evil Dead Rise was one of the best horror films I've seen…

  • What game series would you like to have seen gone in a different direction

    Like on the Doom series I would like to see a new spin off more in line of Doom 3 play than Doom Eternal. What would you like to see in any game series.

  • How To Add Additional NVMe Drive to Legion Desktop

    Hey guys, I added a faster NVMe drive to my Legion Generation 8 desktop. Just wanted to share how to do it if anyone else is interested in adding more storage to their computer.

  • Are you loving Tears of the Kingdom?

    Before release, I was a little bit skeptical than TotK could live up to my love for BotW...but that's changed completely. I now realize that TotK is basically BotW on steroids - bigger world to explore, more monsters, more weapons, QoL improvements..…

  • Multiplayer Annoyances

    I can't stand playing an online multiplayer game like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many others.  This is due to the children whose parents allow them to game and they cuss and say all kinds of inappropriate things.  I also don't like that so many games…

  • New Wallpaper Available - "Legion 5 Pro"

    (To get the full resolution, visit the official download page)

    View Now (must be logged in to access)

  • (Ended) "Inertial Drift" - Key Drops

    Inertial Drift (Game Key Drops)

    Claim a free Steam key for "Inertial Drift"! 

    This page is for our game DROPS system. On Tuesday, May 15th, visit at 11am EST for your chance to grab a free key!
    Available exclusively to Legion Gaming Community members…

  • FREE Kitaria Fables Game Key - Just tell us your favourite RPG of all time! *CLOSED*

    Yes indeedy folks, we're giving away some game keys right here, right now in our first Forum Key Giveaway!

    So, how do you grab a key? In the comments below, let us know what your favorite RPG of all time is, and why, and we'll DM you a Steam Key for…

  • Legion Profile Completed

    Complete your Gaming Per Week, How Long Gaming, and Gaming Platforms fields on your profile

    The party's just getting started.

    This Rare badge is awarded for completing basic fields in your community profile.

  • RTX Video Super Resolution

    Hello Everyone

    A new update has been released for Nvidia cards that add a crazy feature called RTX VSR or Super Resolution
    This feature raises the quality of the videos on the browser to 4k
    Of course, the feature only supports the RTX 30 and 40.

    More about…

  • NFTs in retail gaming?

    How does everyone feel about NFTs in the retail gaming space (not blockchain gaming), given the crypto bear market and the replacement of the NFT friendly Square Enix CEO? I personally am against it, since it does nothing for the gamer. The promise of…