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    Want to win a Legion 7i laptop?

    Enter to win this new RTX 3060 laptop by submitting a gaming highlight clip through September 7th.
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  • Comment on (ENDED) Clip Contest - Win a Legion 7i Laptop by Showing Us Your Best Clip!

    I think this was the best clip I recorded in a while in apex. I hope I get a chance to win this time.

    Good luck!

    Clip: vm.tiktok.com/.../

    Tik tok: @darkmafia26

    Psn: Dark-Mafia26

    Gmail: Mipasha5767@gmail.com 

    Alternative Gmail: mpibrahimpm@gmail.com 

  • (Ended) CLIP CONTEST - Win a Legion Monitor by showing us your best clip!

    Edit: CONGRATS to our winners, who will each be receiving new Legion monitors!

    1st place: , wins a Y44w!
    2nd place: , wins a Y27q!

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a video entry.
    Keep an eye out for another device giveaway…

  • What game(s) have you replayed the most?

    Not every game has a lot of replay value, but some just suck you back in over and over again. For me, it would have to be Fallout: New Vegas. I tend to replay it once or twice a year, for about 8 years now.

    I'm curious to hear what games you all have…