• Problem with legion go controllers draining console's battery

    Hi guys

    My legion go battery runs very very low rapidely when im unplugging the console.

    I was playing ,and then when i checked the battery state of the console i saw the controllers were charging even if my console was not plugged .

    So the console…

  • (Poll) Most ICONIC Video Game Character?

  • Best Accessories for Lenovo Laptops

    What accessories do you consider essential for maximizing the Lenovo Legion gaming laptop experience? I've been using a laptop stand, but are there any other must-have peripherals or gadgets?

  • Nostalgic Games

    What are a few of your personal childhood/go to games that you like to play?

    mine would probably have to be assassins creed 3 or brotherhood

  • How do you feel Legion laptops compare to other manufacturers?

    I have always been an ASUS ROG fan. My current laptop is 12 years old from them and still is usable. I have an ROG Ally that I use for most of my pc gaming now. My girlfriend bought a legion laptop under my recommendation because I have lost trust in…

  • What are some games you’re looking forward to?

    I’ll start. There’s a horror game that came out a few days ago, called Indigo park. It seems fun and I can’t wait until more chapters are added :) 

  • Which is better? Integrated + dedicated GPU or just dedicated GPU

    I'm in the market for a new computer.  My current system has both an integrated and dedicated GPU.  I've been recommended a system with just a dedicated GPU.  As I'm not very knowledgeable about computers, I'm wondering what people's thoughts…

  • How long do you usually stick with a game?

    Personally, I play games that can give me triple digit hours of entertainment. I'm very frugal and try to keep my spending low out of necessity. But there are so many good games that came out in the last few months, my backlog is getting huge!

  • What is the best Metroidvania for newcomers to the genre?

    My partner is really into casual games, but has never tried something like a Metroidvania before. I think they'd really like the atmosphere and world design of Hollow Knight, but I feel like it might be a bit difficult to recommend with someone who has…

  • What are your Summer Game Fest expectations?

    What are your expectations and predictions during the biggest videogame event of the year?

    Even though I don't always get the videogame news I want, it is an event that I always look forward to and get excited about.

    I'm expecting at least something…

  • Gaming

    how many hours a day do you spend gaming?

  • Gaming with a partner with different tastes.

    I've just recently gotten my wife kinda into pc gaming. She's absolutely obsessed over Stardew Valley right now. It's not my cup of tea, but I love the passion she has for that game. I would love to find something that we can play together every now…

  • Favorite Game worlds

    What is your favorite in game location or what's the first place you think of and what kind of mission did you have there?

    My favorite location is the outskirts of Vizima, I explored every inch of this place in the demo, trying to figure out what to…

  • Protecting your Gaming PC or laptop....

    What software do you prefer?

  • Free monthly digital asset downloads from Envato Market

    For the content creators in our community, here's a terrific resource for some free assets:

    Free monthly digital asset downloads from the series of Envato Market websites.

    There are up to 7 freebies per month, one from each of their markets. The only…