• SSD Upgrade for Legion Go

    What is the best 2tb ssd for Legion Go at a good price?

  • [GOG] Nomads of Driftland: The Forgotten Passage [Free Limited Time]


    Nomads: The Forgotten Passage is the scenario pack for Nomads of Driftland.

    Nomads of Driftland is an RTS game initially created as an add-on to Driftland: The Magic Revival. Since it…

  • Using the Legion Go as a Workstation

    Hey all.  New to the Go (as of yesterday), but one of the things that intrigued me about it over the ROG Ally or the Steamdeck is it's ability to be used as a workstation as well.  

    Have any of you used it for productivity/work, and if so how was it…

  • Dave2D Gives his first impressions of the Legion Go

    We gave Dave2D early access to the Legion Go, check out his impressions in the video above.

    Dave was particularly impressed with the FPS mode and how many additional games it really opens up for you play on a handheld gaming device. Head over to Dave…