• New Groups

    Y'all are probably already working on this...

    However it would be great to have a Lenovo Legion group along with maybe a VR or Oculus group since we do help them build their rift s.

    The other thing I was thinking too.... Is that…

  • Season 7 trailer - map & feature reveal discussion!

    Apex just dropped their newest trailer for Season 7!

    There look to be a ton of new changes, most notably - a massive new map, and vehicle!

    What are your thoughts on the trailer teases? The new map looks AMAZING to me, such a different color palate than…

  • Season 7 drops November 4th! Predictions/wishes?

    Season 7 is just around the corner!

    What wishlist items do you have for the new season? Balance changes? What do you think so far of the new legend design?

  • Who do you watch?

    When it comes to Apex streamers I pretty much only watch daltoosh but I'm going to be honest he sometimes plays with some toxic people.

    Who would you recommend that is both highly skilled and pretty chill or funny?

  • Cyberpunk delayed yet again..

  • AMG or Nvidia

    I know it is too soon without proper benchmarks, but if you could choose right now, would you go with an AMD or Nvidia GPU? RTX 3090 or RX 6900XT and why? 

  • Stream Errors from Embedded Twitch Links

    I keep getting  Errors from embedded Twitch links like this. 

  • Offers and Black Friday Content

    Anyway we can showcase some of the Black Friday offers in the coming weeks on site? 

  • Mobile Navigation

    Mobile navigation seems pretty limited with menu options...

    Suggestion is to find a way to mimic web browser site and create a few drop downs for easy site access to forums, groups, rewards, offers and etc

    What other additions could set mobile up for…

  • Add a group for general discussion topics so we can get threads going about movies and shows and such.

    The title pretty much explains it all. I noticed my friend request thread was in this Group and it probably doesn't belong here.

  • CyberPunk 2077 being delayed for the 3rd time this year!!

    Today the developers of CyberPunk 2077 just delayed the game for the third time this year, the new release date for the game is now  from November 19 to December 10th. Which before this announcement of the delay, they have said that they were not planning…

  • Cloud Gaming Discussion Thread

    Any fans of these new services? Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook... Everyone has a hand in cloud-based gaming now. Which have you tried or what has kept you away? 

    I'm a subscriber to GeForce Now. Funds are tight in the NateMakesCoffee household…

  • Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a 5i, 7i, or Y44W (monitor)!


    Click the above to earn entries into the giveaway. Ends December 17th.

  • What's your go to weapon combination?

    Everyone has their preferences but mine would be a combination of Volt or Flatline  with a Mastiff in the 2nd slot.

    Dropping the 2nd slot for a Kraber easily. I've also been liking the Hemlock a lot too for longer range with a 2x/4x scope.

    What do…

  • Receive emails should be opt-out by default

    I'm getting so many emails ( all going to spam btw ) from people responding to messages. This appears to be a default option. This should actually be turned off by default for a few reasons, sending too many emails can lead to being flagged as spam (…