• Play Valorant and AMA with TSM Drone!

    Get a chance to play Valorant with TSM Drone, or ask him anything!

    Join us next Thursday at 1pm EST // 10am PST on Twitch for a special costream with TSM Drone.

    We'll be playing live Valorant "Escalation" games with the Legion Community…

  • LGC Minecraft Server

    The LGC Minecraft server is now LIVE

    Come visit and connect with the community on our very own Minecraft server hosted by Brain Dead Guild! We are still building out the world and have already seen a steady stream of visitors staking their claim in the…

  • How many monitors do you prefer in your setup and why?

    Hey guys!

    Hope you are all doing well, I absolutely love how 2.0 looks right now and can not wait to see what comes in the future.

    So how many monitors do you guys use for your setup, Why do you use the number of monitors?

    For me, I have a 3 monitor setup…