• How do you grieve?

    Sorry for such a deep conversation. But For anyone who's lost someone very close to them how do you keep going without them? Did yall game together did they understand your love of it? How do you move forward When their memory makes your chest tighten…

  • Best Laptop Specs for Playing Elden Ring Smoothly

    I’m lately really curious about what it takes to fully enjoy playing Elden Ring (after having so many troubles on my current old laptop).

    What kind of specs should I be looking for to ensure the game runs smoothly? Is a high-end GPU more important…

  • God of War GAME SETTINGS


    BIOS Settings:

    • FAST Charging
    • STAMP

    God of War Game Settings:

    • Set preset to original
    • Shadows - LOW
    • Reflections - DISABLE
    • Atmospherics - LOW
    • Ambient Occlusion - Disable
    • Borderless Display
    • VSync - OFF
    • AMD FSR in game - OFF


  • Helldivers 2 GAME SETTINGS


    BIOS Settings:

    • FAST Charging
    • STAMP

    Legion Space Settings:

    • Performance mode enabled
    • Efficiency OS
    • 30W TDP always plugged in
    • 144hz refresh rate

    Helldivers 2 In-Game Settings:

    • All graphics settings set to LOW
    • AA - Off
    • A-sync…
  • Charging Threshold in Linux

    Hello, has the charging limit to 80% been implemented in Linux yet? I see it's already implemented on Windows with Legion Space.

    I've been looking in the "/sys/class/power_supply/BATT/" directory, but there's neither "charge_start_threshold" nor …

  • What would be the first non-conventional thing you'd buy with 1 million dollars?

    Let's say you were given 1 million dollars tomorrow, what'd be the first non-conventional thing you get? Plenty of people would get a house or a car, but I think I'd get tickets to go see the old homes I used to live in. Growing up we moved around from…

  • What's a Good Recommend Dock for Legion Go?

    Currently looking to finish my desktop environment with the Legion Go (which now acts as my main PC)

    Any recommendations for a solid, yet reasonably priced, docking station that will work well with my 1440p/165hz monitor?

  • Horizon Forbidden West - Complete Edition GAME SETTINGS

    Horzion Forbidden West

    BIOS Settings:

    • Auto VRAM
    • FAST Charging
    • STAMP

    Legion Space Settings

    • Performance mode enabled
    • Efficiency OS
    • Performance TDP
    • 144hz refresh rate

    In-Game Settings:

    • Set Preset at Medium
    • Shadow at LOW
    • Screen Space Reflection…
  • (Poll) Favorite Website Exclusive Content?


    Hey Legion!

    What's your favorite website-exclusive content?

    Anything you'd like to see compared to other social medias?

  • Alexa Paid Upgrade

    Alexa is planning to launch a paid subscription for AI digital assistant service because they are losing so much money on it. They are thinking about charging $5-$10  month (likely $5, then $10). This one will generate artificial conversations...


  • (Ended) [Quick Giveaway] Spare Keys from Prime Gaming for GOG

    Hello everyone!

    I have spare keys from Prime Gaming and since I already have these, I would like to share the spare keys with y'all.

    It is going to be first come first serve. Please respond to this post with the name of the game you would like to…

  • First Computer

    What was your first Computer? What was the Operating System was it Dos, Windows, Apple, or a Linus?

  • [Legion Listens] VOTE on our new Discussion Group ideas!

    Hey Legion! We’re always looking at ways to improve your experience with the community - including opportunities to add new Discussion Groups in the coming months.

    Therefore, we thought we’d ask you a simple question in our latest LEGION LISTENS…

  • Nintendo Direct for June 18, 2024

    What do you think the upcoming Nintendo Direct will showcase? Or, what are you hoping for from it? 

    Possibilities I see:

    • New Mainline Mario Game: Given the success of recent Mario games, a new 3D Mario platformer or a follow-up to "Super Mario Odyssey…

  • Thoughts On New Xbox Console Announcements?

    I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the new console announcements. Basically they are adding space to the exact same console and prettying them up. I would have preferred they announce an WAY CHEAPER way to expand storage or an actual performance…