• What's the best game for Legion Go?

    I'm thinking of which game is most fun to play using Legion Go. If you have any recommendation let me know. Thank you!

  • Assassin's Creed: Shadows ︎

    Hello Everyone 
    Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that pre-orders for Assassin's Creed: Shadows are now available. Set in Japan, the game is scheduled for release on consoles and PC on November 15th. Assassin’s Creed: Shadows will be available for PC, PlayStation…

  • VOTE for our June 2024 Giveaway!

    Edit: Vote is closed! The people have spoken - we'll be giving away a Legion 7i 4070 next month

    Calling all entrants! What item(s) do you want to win next month for our June 2024 Legion Community Giveaway?

  • What is your Dream PC?

    What is your Dream PC, a Holodeck, Deep dive VR, Projective Hologram PC, AI PC, or a Super Quantum PC, and why?.

  • What is a good AAA game to start with?

    Apart from relatively old classic games such as Half-Life 2, Portal, Batman Arkham Series or Civilization V, I've never played AAA games. For a long period of time, I had a low end computer so my gaming choices was developed to play games that required…

  • Favourite game soundtrack

    What is your favourite video game soundtrack and/or composer? Are there any particular songs that are memorable? One game that sticks out for me is Donkey Kong Country 2 (David Wise) with songs like Forest Interlude and Stickerbrush Symphony which I occasionally…

  • Legion Go Outdoors

    Is the Legion Go a good device for playing outdoors on a patio? Would I need an outdoor extension cord for keeping it plugged in for playing more than a few minutes? And if the screen is bright enough to be seen outside, are there any screen protectors…

  • All Legion Dragon Wallpapers

    Here is the collection of all Legion Dragon Wallpapers.

    All of them are in 16:10 aspect ratio.

    Legion Dragon Green

    Legion Dragon Grey

    Legion Dragon Red

    Legion Dragon Pink

    Legion Dragon Blue

  • Walk-through or run?

    When you decide to play a new game do you research game play ahead of time? Go through tutorials? Or do you just jump in and learn the ropes on the fly as you play?

    And if you do just jump in sans prep, does your character die a lot to start lol (in…


    Net Neutrality is back! Feels like huge news, but I am barely hearing about it at all. Do you have thoughts about it?

    If you don't know, NN means ISP's can't screw customers over on either side. They are required to treat ALL traffic the same…

  • Wishlist for June Giveaway

    Hey Legion!

    I know we JUST started the May giveaway today, but I schedule things pretty far in advance over here. I want to know what items you'd like to see as giveaways for June!

    Let's assume you can't go above $2k spent for this idea. Based on…

  • Introducing the Game Dev group!

    Welcome to the new Game Dev group!

    By popular demand, we're adding a Game Dev group for all your game development needs. Whether you're a game developer yourself, or just interested in learning about the process, you can find helpful insights and discussions…

  • Blue Rabbit Wallpaper

    Found this cool LEGION Rabiit wallpaper

  • Sick Gamer?

    When you're ill, and want to game as a "pick me up" what do you choose? Does this lend to more casual gaming?

  • MSI 2024 - 10% 50% 90% - Predictions

    It is that time of the year for International Competition! As is tradition in Reddit, a 10% 50% 90% thread is always fun to do!

    Give me your predictions in the comments, I will start!

    10% NA beats an Asian team at least once
    50% Aurelion Sol will have a…