• Community Poll - Merch

    There used to be some Legion branded merchandise sold on Lenovo.com a while ago that have since been removed.

    I have a shirt, hoodie, and water bottle along with the laptop stand, headset holder and case. Some I got using My Lenovo Rewards and the hoodie…

  • What is a game you wish they would remake or bring back into PS4, PS5 or XBOX consoles from older consoles or even PC that was never on Console?

    I'm wondering which games you've played for example Banjo Kazooie (The Bear and Bird/Turkey) game on N64. It was a underrated hit in my opinion. I'm sure a lot of these games are available to download but I'm sure some are not. Another one I think that…

  • How much games do you guys own?

    For me, I have 6 in my steam account and 2 on nintendo switch. Just thought it would be nice to share our little game collections!

  • Repeatedly reentering details for giveaway entry?

    Does anyone else have to reenter their details every time they refresh their Lenovo's page even though they are already showing as logged-in? This is specifically for the giveaways.

    Could it be my VPN?

    I don't mind redoing it but I am not sure if…

  • Legion H Headset Series Question

    Legion has a gaming headset line, the H200, H300, H500, and H600. How has the experience been for those of you who have had one or more of these headset models? I started at the bottom of the line up a little over a month ago with the H200 trying to get…

  • Game Of The Year

    With so many amazing games that have been released throughout this year such as Starfield, Armored Core 6, Blasphemous 2, Lies Of P, Lords Of The Fallen, Street Fighter 6, Spider-Man 2, Diablo 4, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Sonic Superstars, Super Mario…

  • How to place more stress on RTX 3050 ti?

    When running any game with heavy graphics, the CPU (Ryzen 7) runs super hard (>60%) causing frequent frame drops, while on the other hand, the GPU (RTX 3050 ti) is running maybe at 20% or lower. I have heard that my GPU is nothing special, but I feel like…

  • What's your guilty please go-to game?

    Hey everyone!

    What game do you default back to, play when your bored of that new triple A, and know you can always pass the time away?  

    For me I sometimes spend months/years away from my guilty pleasure games, but every once and a while can jump back in…

  • On which days of the week & on what times do you enjoy gaming?

    Hi all! This is a question that I have been wanting to ask for a while as I think it affects both my mental and physical health depending on when and how often I play video games as opposed to resting or doing something more physical such as playing a…

  • [PRIME GAMING/EPIC STORE] Ghostwire: Tokyo included FREE with Prime Gaming until November 2nd 2023

    If you've got Amazon Prime you have Prime Gaming that automatically comes with it. If you've set that up and link your Epic Games account by signing in from Prime Gaming, you can get a free digital copy of Ghostwire:Tokyo sent to your Epic Games library…

  • New Member


    New member is in your stream of gaming.

    I like to play war games and horror games. can we colaburate

  • [Legion Listens] What games/studios do you want to hear from?

    Hello Legion!

    Welcome to Legion Listens, a new series of mini-surveys and quick polls to learn your thoughts on the community and the gaming world at large.

    For this week's Legion Listens, we want to hear your wishlist of games that our community team…

  • Starfield ︎

    Hello Everyone 

    Is Starfield Worth Buying?

    i saw many reviews for the game but still I am not comfortable to buy it. I am afraid it can be trick of the year. You know that Microsoft has marketed the game so much that I am afraid that the players will be…

  • Baldur's Gate 3 and Dragon Age Origins

    I keep hearing people compare the two so I'm asking to those who have played it do you think the same thing? Are they alike? If so why do you think so? I'm asking before I buy it.

  • Crab Champions

    This game seems hilarious and also really fun. Anyone played it yet/what do you think of it? It's only $10 on steam right now but if it sucks I don't want to buy it.