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  • Legion 5 and Legion Slim 7 - US Drops Approaching

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    Looking to pick up our new Legion 5 / Legion Slim 7 laptops for 2021?
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  • What is your gaming-related "Dream?"

    I know the title sounds cheesy, but bear with me here. 

    When it comes to gaming, what are some of your biggest "dream" moments in the future of your gaming?

    Is it:

    • "I want to build the most decked-out battlestation to fully enjoy my games"…
  • What game(s) have you replayed the most?

    Not every game has a lot of replay value, but some just suck you back in over and over again. For me, it would have to be Fallout: New Vegas. I tend to replay it once or twice a year, for about 8 years now.

    I'm curious to hear what games you all have…

  • ‘Which is the best controller for Fortnite?’

    ‘Which is the best controller for Fortnite?’

  • What to do with the minecraft server?!

    As you may be aware, I run the Legion Gaming Community "Un/Official" Minecraft server. Due to  the issues we have had with griefing and other problems, we paused development of the world. I've been throwing around a few ideas such as creating…

  • Earn An Exclusive Badge - Become a Site Tester!

    **EDIT - we have our participants for the pilot test! Thanks for all your interest, we will be looking for more testers in a week or so Slight smile

    What do you think of the Legion Gaming Community?

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    Comment below if you are interested in joining…

  • New Group Nomination Thread

    What groups do you want to see added to the Legion community?

    Let us know by submitting a comment with your group of choice!

    Please only nominate one group per comment.

    Then, upvote the other group suggestions that you want to see created!

    Example group…

  • What is your biggest/favorite accomplishment in your gaming career?

    Some games have devilishly hard achievements, and some games are just plain difficult themselves. What are some of the greatest feats you've accomplished in the games you've played, whether it's completing a challenge or the game itself on a super-high…

  • What are your go-to games to relax and unwind?

    Hey guys,

    I'm admittedly in a gaming slump right now, and am just not enjoying the more competitively oriented multiplayer games I'm used to. What are some single or multiplayer games that you turn to just to decompress a bit? Here's a few I might recommend…

  • Appreciation post

    I joined this site only a month or two ago, and I have to say I am very impressed at how level headed and positive this community is. I have not seen a single negative post sarcastic or not and I have to say that is very refreshing. I just thought y'all…

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