• Which game world would living in be the absolute worst? Best?

    I've been playing Diablo 4 and noticed how miserable and grim the world must be for its inhabitants, especially when there is a hell witch on the loose. What other game worlds would be the absolute worst to live in as a person according to you? Others…

  • What makes you decide to play a video game?

    Do graphics matter?

  • Which games have the best soundtracks?

    I personally think the Final Fantasy series have some fantastic tracks.

  • Sit or Stand?

    Since ergonomics and sit-stand desks have been around quite some time, what's your preferred position for PC gaming? and does it differ from when you are working?

    For me, I have a sit-stand desk for my day jobs that is nearly always standing... but…

  • What is your favorite food and drink to have when you game?

    I prefer Mountain Dew and Twizzlers.

  • Gaming only online or in IRL too?

    Do you mostly play online, or do you also enjoying playing physical games, inside (board games?) or outside (lawn games?)?

  • What is a particular food that you dislike the most?

     Out of curiosity, I wondered if anyone here has a specific food/dish they despise the most. Is it taste? Texture? Smell? Or something else you can not stand? Also, why is it so? 

  • Beginning of AI

    We are in the beginning of AI, what will you like AI to do?


  • Does gaming make you feel like a kid?

    For a long time, I struggled with the whole "growing up" thing - I found that I really wasn't enjoying gaming like I had when I was young (meaning under 20). More recently, I've come to realize that I was mostly bored with the direction gaming was going…

  • If you could only get one device - desktop, laptop, Steam Deck, other...

    If you could only get one device - desktop, laptop, Steam Deck, Chromebook, or something else.. which would you get, and why?

  • The state of E3

    So E3 was nixed in 2020 due to the pandemic, was online-only in 2021, was cancelled last year in 2022, and yet again this year reportedly due to a sufficient level of participation from companies. Do you miss how things used to be in the old days with…

  • Video games that you want it to be made as a TV series or a movie

    Recently I had been trying Monster Hunter World and I just found out that there is a Monster Hunter movie made couple years back. A youtuber I was watching said it's not really that good movie which was unfortunate.

    Anyway, it just made me curious…

  • Multiplayer Annoyances

    I can't stand playing an online multiplayer game like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and many others.  This is due to the children whose parents allow them to game and they cuss and say all kinds of inappropriate things.  I also don't like that so many games…

  • Is A.I. Beginning to Become the Next "Thing"?

    More and more, I have been hearing and seeing signs that artificial intelligence tools are quickly becoming more widespread and used, which creates a mixture of thoughts and emotions. On one hand, I see it as a positive sign that technology and the world…

  • What is your favorite boss from the Diablo franchise?