• Thoughts on the current state of podcasts?

    Hi Legion!

    Open ended question here, what are your thoughts on podcasts these days? Do you listen to or watch any?

    I'm debating the idea of starting one, either here as a sort of Legion Community podcast, or branching off into more of a creator/streamer…

  • Multiple monitors vs. Ultrawide?

    Debating between an ultrawide set up or multiple monitors. What kind of monitor set up do you use and why do you like it? Gaming vs. productivity?

  • 11 Days Left in the May Giveaway

    Gaaaah! I’m getting nervous and excited but more nervous bc apparently I only have a .25% chance of winning. Let the chips fall! I’m ready.

  • Lenovo Legion Mouse Pad

    What is the best way to clean this mouse pad? Legion Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (XL)

    I've been using just a basic kitchen scrub brush and water with light pressure. Haven't seen any damage to the pad, but wondering if there's a better way?

  • Tipping and Tipflation

    I grew up in a culture where tipping is not common. If anything you just round up to the next bigger more convenient number. 

    I also lived in a country/culture where tipping is frowned upon. It makes the person receiving the tip less valued because tipping…

  • Would you Buy a Sponsored PC at Heavy Discount or Free for Privacy

    Lets say there is a PC company that offered a top of the line gaming PC with a 4090 GPU etc for a insanely heavy discount, or a free midrange PC for a cost of your privacy.

    The PC has a modified operating system the tracks your app, game and web usage…

  • Are Laptop Coolers Actually Worth It?

    Hi everyone!

    Does laptop coolers actually work, and are they worth their price? Or am I just better off with four erasers supporting the bottom of laptop to increase air flow(when using external keyboard and mouse)?


  • A Bricked Lenovo Legion Go

    My Lenovo Legion Go bricked a bit ago with no physical damage. I've already turned it in for warranty, I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced something like that. 

  • What is your favorite games?

    I like open worlds like the Assassin's Creed or any Tom Clancy's Games. What is your favorite games? and Why?

  • New laptop stickers: Keep or remove?

    Just got my very first Legion laptop and was told "don't forget to remove the stickers!".  That was their preference but I've never removed the stickers (Nvidia, intel, etc..).  What camp are you?  Do you prefer to keep them or remove?

  • VOTE for our June 2024 Giveaway!

    Edit: Vote is closed! The people have spoken - we'll be giving away a Legion 7i 4070 next month

    Calling all entrants! What item(s) do you want to win next month for our June 2024 Legion Community Giveaway?

  • Speaking of freebies….anyone else notice their rewards growing?

    Does Lenovo give rewards which translates to discounts on products JUST by posting on and in this gaming community?!

  • Wishlist for June Giveaway

    Hey Legion!

    I know we JUST started the May giveaway today, but I schedule things pretty far in advance over here. I want to know what items you'd like to see as giveaways for June!

    Let's assume you can't go above $2k spent for this idea. Based on…

  • Has anyone tried installing SteamOS onto the Legion Go?

    How is your experience using SteamOs on the Legion Go?  How well was using Legion Go track pad on steamOs?

  • Gaming Setup - Should I buy a PlayStation or Gaming PC

    Hi All,

    I have been considering another console. I have an XBOX Series X that I game on frequently. I have a group of friends that also play on PC and PS. Lately they have been playing Helldivers II and making me want to play with them!!

    In the past…