• Legion Go Open box from Bestbuy Experiences

    Anyone have experience buying Legion Go open box from Bestbuy? Would you able to test it before you purchase it? Did the controller have any joy-con drift over time?

  • Gaming Laptop a no-no?

    Looking to purchase a gaming PC... desktop vs laptop, are the laptops really that much crappier?

  • Occasionally turning off

    My legion go occasionally turning off or giving me black screen when I am playing demanding games. Does anyone else have the same issue and any suggestions please, thank you

  • PS6 or new PSP?

    What device would you prefer Sony to release first? A PS6 or a new handheld device like a new PSP? Frankly I love the idea of a new PSP that is affordable enough but can play games at a lower setting and resolution and would prefer to have that instead…

  • Legion Go Outdoors

    Is the Legion Go a good device for playing outdoors on a patio? Would I need an outdoor extension cord for keeping it plugged in for playing more than a few minutes? And if the screen is bright enough to be seen outside, are there any screen protectors…

  • way too many games

    anyone else feel that there are way too many games to play? I cant ever finish a game these days.

  • What's the last game you played all the way through?

    Maybe it's something you sped through, or perhaps it was a game you took your time to 100%...maybe it's somewhere in between. Regardless, what's the last game you played through, and how did you approach it? Was it your first time beating it, or have…

  • My Lenovo Rewards 5 Days of Giveaways

    Lenovo is having a member appreciation week with different Giveaways daily

    Just head over to the My Reward section and the giveaway will be in the featured offers section 


    Day 1: One (1) Blue…

  • Newbie Gamer

    Since covid shutdown, I've become a gamer at 48 years old and I'm so hyped about becoming one.  Diablo 4 is my first real RGP game :-)

  • Advice on selling old laptops

    So I recently upgraded to a Lenovo Legion Pro 5i and I have two old HP laptops (an both Envy's 2014 and like 2018)  is it worth trying to sell them at all?  And if I do sell them, would a factory reset be sufficient to remove my personal data off the…

  • Warranty

    Hi everyone! 

    Do I lose warranty if I change the thermal paste on my legion go?

  • Upcoming Summer Games/Movies/Books

    Since there's diverse interest in games, movies, literature, etc in the Legion community, I thought to ask what others are looking forward to in the coming months as we're nearing May and the summer is just a hop and skip away. Feel free to share anything…

  • Does creating your own Web site interest you?

    It still interests me.    I like that Web sites exist as an alternative to social media. I just don't see many people stating, "Check out my new Web site," these days. That was all the rage in the 90s - embedded Flash animation / games and all…

  • Best Value for money game

    In your opinion, whats the game with the best value for your money? Ex: game with the most stages or checkpoints without it feeling stretched out or pointless.

  • Does your partner game? Do you game together?

    Do you game? Does your partner game? Do you play together? If so, how often?