• Unofficial Official Friend Request Thread

    Just reply here and we can all start adding each other as friends.

  • How do you find time to continue playing when you are in school and start a full-time job? I am having FOMO

    I am just curious, how do you make time to relax and play when you are in school and work full-time? I am struggle to find any free time lately and miss playing with my friends. I am having serious FOMO. I so tired by the end of the day if I start playing…

  • Do you like Daytrading?

    I use my lenovo to day trade, do you? Do you day trade futures?

  • What's a game you were hyped for but didn't like it after playing it?

    Like the title, I was hyped for Infamous Second Son for years before playing it on my own after receiving a PS4, and I absolutely didn't enjoy the gameplay whatsoever and almost uninstalled it because of how much I was disappointed. I ended up finishing…

  • Has anyone tried the trade-in program? I am having issues...

    I am looking to get a new laptop and was thinking of trading in my RTX 3060 legion 5.

    When I try to go through the trade in process, it allows me to fill out the form until the "processor" drop down.

    I select my processor ( I also tried with…

  • Am I the only one seeing the spam about customer service?

    The PC gaming discussion group is plagued with posts about customer service and a phone number and I'm confused why there are so many? Did this happen with the whole girls from India situation? Is there no way to report them?

  • Digital Games vs Physical Games

    I am seeing it more often than not where a new console will come with a game, but the game will be a digital version. I still prefer to have a physical copy of the game, especially for a console. If I am paying to purchase a console they could at least…

  • Game Fuel?

    Do you use energy drinks and the like to "enhance" your gaming sessions? If so, what's your go to? If not, why do you stay away? Also, any favorite munchies or foods you keep on hand for gamer fuel? Discuss.

  • Comment on (Ended) Legion Go Giveaway - April 2024


    What's the most creative use of the Legion Go that I can think of?  Mother of god.  Here it comes. jk

     Seriously, I imagine taking it to coffee shops to geek out like I used to—while working on learning a new coding language or other…

  • Legion Go

    Best of luck to everyone in the giveaway!

  • Can gaming reduce stress?

    Most gamers report that playing video games—even violent games—is a way to relieve stress and enjoy playing with friends. Some evidence has even found that many commercially available video games can be helpful in the treatment of mental health conditions…

  • Incognito Mode

    Google is being sued for violating the sacred trust of Incognito Mode. Supposedly, you should be able to use it without being tracked, collecting cookies, etc., but apparently they collected all this data anyway.

    Do you use Chrome or Incognito Mode…

  • Lenovo Legion

    If you could win a Lenovo Legion product, what will you want it to be?

  • Do you ever rage quit a game? If you do, is there a game that you never went back to play it ever again?

    Basically about the subject title..

    I believe most of us are gamers here and just love playing games but how often do you guys rage quit a game? Or do you ever rage quit a game? And what do you think of people who get so emotional on the game?

    Just a…