• Does the weather affect if you play online

    I am just wondering whether people are affected by the weather when you are playing games. If it was a really nice and sunny day would you still be inside on your games. What if was the first snow of the season would you get of your games and go outside…

  • Favorite Web Browser?

    What is your favorite webbrowser and why?

  • when do the prizes arrive if you win them?

    If I win the giveaway, when does the prize show up?

  • New Large Giveaway Coming Soon

     I'll be giving away some decently large stuff soon, so stay tuned!

  • Midlife Gaming

    Hello All, 

    I've been a gamer since the 90s, but I don't have time to play games like I once did. Something about RL getting in the way.  

    I wondering how everyone sorts through the many games that come out each year, how do you sort out which to…

  • (GIVEAWAY) Minecraft Digital Game Copy for Xbox One / X|S



  • Defiance (Season 12) Apex Legends Gameplay Trailer

  • Patch 12.3 Changes Preview

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming patch changes?

    As a jungler, the Liliia early sleep buff looks big! The Amumu nerf seems random though, I never see him in games.

  • New Legend Teaser - Mad Maggie

    What are your thoughts on Mad Maggie joining Apex as the newest legend?

    Any predictions on the type of abilities she'll have? (Will she be a Fuse clone?)

  • When you spent 30 minutes making a Thanos meme,

    but can't upload it because of Legion's file size limits :(

  • What's your favorite 2021/2022 game release? Why?

    Whether it's Hitman 3, Apex Legends (Switch), Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Sage Continues, Halo Infinite, Vanguard or 2042, there are loads of big game releases recently! What's your favorite?


  • Lenovo Legion 7i laptop battery life

    I recently read a post on the regular Lenovo forum about the battery life of this laptop that I have. On there they said to turn on hybrid mode, and that corsair iCUE eats up a lot of power. I've done both of these and the longest I've got the battery…

  • Legion Laptop Docking Stations

    Folks I need some help.

    I just purchased a Legion 7i a couple of weeks ago and really love it, but I need a docking station and was hoping for some recommendations.

    I work in IT and we exclusively use Lenovo laptops, but according to the person I contacted…

  • Free 4K Legion Wallpaper - "Blue Neon"

    More 2022 Legion logo wallpapers are here!

    Want this in an animated version? Get it for Wallpaper Engine on Steam using this link.

    Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops!

    Click here for the full image