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    Congrats to our "Northgard" game key giveaway winners!

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  • Hello

    Just a quick Hello, I'm new to the Legion Gaming Community. But not new to gaming ;) Now time to get alot of Friends!!!

  • Indies anyone? What is your view on Indie games and their role in future gaming.


    I have bought the past few years Indies and most of the proof to be fun. Games like: unturned, Mount and Blade, and Kerbal Space Program had so much success and influence in the development of new games these past 10 years. 
    I´m currently playing…

  • Games, COVID, Community

    Hello All, 

    I'll just come out and admit it. I turned 40 this summer. Yes, I'm old.  Please be kind with your comments. :) 

    I remember when my dad turned 40. Mom threw a big party, and everyone was there. We gave him a bunch of "Over the Hill" gag…

  • Multiple notifications within a single thread

    Can we have all the notifications clear when we have multiple alerts for a single thread, I keep trying to go through my 30+ notifications from the other day and keep running back to the same threads. We should have them either combine or all clear together…

  • How many monitors do you prefer in your setup and why?

    Hey guys!

    Hope you are all doing well, I absolutely love how 2.0 looks right now and can not wait to see what comes in the future.

    So how many monitors do you guys use for your setup, Why do you use the number of monitors?

    For me, I have a 3 monitor setup…

  • Offers and Black Friday Content

    Anyway we can showcase some of the Black Friday offers in the coming weeks on site? 

  • Desktop or Laptop? How to choose a new device.

    What are your thoughts on the age old question: "Should I get a desktop or a laptop"?

    Each group has it's own benefits and drawbacks. I have included my thoughts below on the pros of each to hopefully help you make the right decision for…

  • Games

    The battle royale where legendary competators compitate.