• Ask a Legion Marketing Manager! - Official Interview Submission Thread


    What would you ask a Legion Marketing Manager?

    Want to know how Legion products are developed? Curious about our Apex Legends partnership?

    Submit your questions here for Jasmine, a Legion Product Manager for Lenovo US!

    Make sure to upvote the questions…

  • Not sure if this counts as a bug or working as intended.

    So with the release of of Season 7 and the Trident vehicle, a new mechanic has arrived which definitely feels like a bug but could be working as intended because who would really want to have Crypto and Rampart on the same team and still call it meta?

  • Games, COVID, Community

    Hello All, 

    I'll just come out and admit it. I turned 40 this summer. Yes, I'm old.  Please be kind with your comments. :) 

    I remember when my dad turned 40. Mom threw a big party, and everyone was there. We gave him a bunch of "Over the Hill" gag…

  • Add Friend Button featured in Dark Mode and not highlighted

    The friend request function is darken out and hard to see with the text and the button both setup for dark mode. Need to make the text white. 

  • Which PS5 2021 Exclusives Are You Most Excited For?

    Sony has announced a ton of new games slated for the PS5, including:

    - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    - Hogwarts Legacy

    - God of War: Ragnarok

    - Horizon Forbidden West

    - Final Fantasy 16

    Which of these titles are you most excited for? Or, is there another…

  • Franchises you wish to see come back

    As the title says, which franchises would you wish to come back with a new title, an anthology or anything else?

    Personnaly, I'm still waiting on a new Splinter Cell entry, after the surprisingly good Blacklist, I would have thought that they would have…

  • New Discussion Group?

    Perhaps a new discussion group for us to share any new projects or videos we are working on? Essentially a self-promotion channel but maybe with a posting limit or that you can't continuously post your twitch channel every time you go live. I wouldn't…