• New/Old Nintendo Feature

    What NEW and or OLD Nintendo feature you would like to see in the current Nintendo System?

  • What makes Playstation a definitive gaming experience for you?

    Everyone has heard of the console wars... so what defines the Playstation gaming world for you? Is it certain exclusive games you can et on another console? Tech specs that outstrip the competition? What? Why?

  • What are your dislikes about Nintendo right now?

    I like Nintendo games a lot, but sometimes there's just these things I do that just absolutely makes me disappointed in them, so I was wondering what your guys dislikes about some of their actions are?

  • Travel to Space

    If you could travel to space will you?

    Why or Why not?

  • Will there be a Switch 2?

    Will Nintendo update the Switch or start anew again for their next console?

  • Best Travel Backpacks?

    I've been looking for a backpack to travel with on weekends. Though my pickiness is really getting the better of me as I dissect each bag I come across lol. Does anyone have a go-to traveling backpack that works for most if not all scenarios they could…

  • Beginning of AI

    We are in the beginning of AI, what will you like AI to do?



    How many days to you stop by the Legion Community on average to get your  +1s and +5s?   Assuming an average of 32 days of eligibility.   

  • Which specific gaming world would you want to be transported into to live your life?

    I can easily choose Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the game world I'd want to live in. Simple & easy living, talking animals for neighbors, a lot of high quality looking different foods, and lots of cute clothing options sounds great to me.  I…

  • How do you like playing games on release?

    Do you like playing new games going in blind? Watching other streamers while playing the same game? Or waiting until someone posts a great way to play the game (via builds, etc)?

    And how long do you think people should wait before revealing spoilers for…

  • What was the first game you beat? Do you love it?

    The first game I ever completely beat was Chrono Trigger and it still remains my favorite game. I'm sure nostalgia plays a part, but the story, gameplay, and characters are all just so good. I have to thank my dad for giving me his Super Nintendo and…

  • Playing games that look like real life

    I was outside yesterday taking a walk and looking at all of the trees getting their leaves, and then I just really wanted to go back home and play Skyrim. So when I got home I just started to play Skyrim I did not really do anything besides taking a walk…

  • Seemless transition games as the future?

    Been playing Honkai Rail Star lately, love how you can easily swap from a platform (PC) to a mobile device almost seemlessly. Do you think this will be the future for f2p games? Or AAA games? Or/and be the trend/selling point for future game releases…

  • Free Legion Wallpaper Poll

    Out of the last 8 or so free Legion wall papers, which is your favorite?

  • Comment on (Ended) Win a Legion 5i Laptop - April 2023 Giveaway

    You can never be 2 sure the internet is sooo evil