• [Epic Games] (Game) The Forest Quartet [Free]

    Price: $9.99 Free (Free until September 28, 15:00 UTC)


    The Forest Quartet is a 3D narrative puzzler about a gone, but not forgotten, lead singer. Play her spirit and travel through 3 acts unique…

  • Best Handheld PC Gaming System

    I'm interested in the Steam Deck, but it doesn't play resource hungry games that good. I can compromise as a Nintendo Switch player, but would love to play Call of Duty with graphics high and low latency while on the go. Any suggestions?

  • Best Mods For GTA 5


    Please mention any good mods for GTA 5 and where to get them.. i usually use Nexus mods for GTA 5 and other games.. i like the zombie spawner mod and wheather mod.. any mods which adds alot of different vehicles.. thanks

  • For $3,500 would you rather buy a cheap used car or THE NEW LEGION 9i!!!!

    I would buy the Legion 9i tbh. It’s a beast.

  • Console gaming vs PC gaming

    So having been a console gamer most of my life, and still prefer console gaming with friends, I got a question: How did some of you transition to PC gaming? It is cool to be able to access games that I used to play and to access some games that are only…



  • For those who have had many laptops in the past, what has been your favourite?

    What has been your favorite gaming laptop and why?

    Note: the laptop doesn't have to be a Lenovo laptop, what I'm looking for is the laptop you've had that got the most bang for your buck.

  • MnK tips and tricks for fighting against controller aim assist?

    I moved over to MnK about a year ago and I can tell every single time I go up against a controller player in close quarter combat because of their aim assist. It doesn't matter the type of strafing I do, I always seem to be at a disadvantage. 


  • Transitioning from Controller aim to MK

    I grew up with a controller in my hand starting with SNES all the way up to Xbox and PS5. I didn't really get into PC gaming until early 30's. I play Apex pc with my buddies but still use a PS5 controller with extended grips. I bind my jump to L1 and…

  • how to get a relic?

    How many chests do you need to open in the game?


    I'm still revisiting how TSM closed out the last game at the recent LAN in London. That perfect Valk-Ult call by Hal to take the hill top position before ring close, and the final 3v3 versus Acend.

    Did you guys watch, who were you rooting for, and…

  • Thoughts on season 15 length

    How you fell about the length to content ratio we have had during season 15

  • Thoughts on the new Season 13 changes?

    What do you think of the changes Apex is adding this season?

    Personally, I really like the class changes. I feel that all the classes are now more important to pick from, instead of having TONS of recon characters for instance.
    The Support perk in particular…

  • Thoughts on the new Nemesis AR in APEX

    Just curious to see if people like it or not and what people combo it with. 

  • Best apex character to teach people how to play

    Ive tried to get my brother to play apex but he doesn't get the abilities and I was wondering what you guys think the best starting character would be?