• What is the best Legion system - notebook or desktop, Best Value?

    Lenovo has a large selection of Legion's notebooks and desktops for 2022-2023.  If you take in account, most bang for the buck, expandability, components/subsystems, and value; what is your suggested system and why?  Thanks   

  • What is the best gaming controller in you memory bank?

    What is the best Gaming controller that you have ever used?

  • Passing 1000 points caused me to lose the Legion Community Decurion badge

  • Tips for Stardew Valley

    Hello everyone!

    I will start playing Stardew Valley and would like to know what tips you have for me. 

    Thanks in advance!

  • What headphones covers all the corners?

    I've been using Pioneer HDJ-X7s for gaming and making music and they are the best all round in my book! The bass isn't over powering and the treble is just right but the mids come in nice and clear. If you believe you found a better solution list it!…

  • How to Get Create Profile 2000 Points?

    I already had a profile here, how do I get the one time 2000 points for creating a profile? Nothing happens if I try to edit the profile

  • AI War

    Hello and Hi Everyone  

    Microsoft launched a new Bing compatible with Chat GPT ( The new AI website). Now you can ask bing any question you need like what you did with chat GPT.

    Google sensed the danger and announced to Bard that new AI will support its…

  • Unofficial Official Friend Request Thread

    Just reply here and we can all start adding each other as friends.

  • Free 4K Legion Wallpaper - "Blue Neon"

    More 2022 Legion logo wallpapers are here!

    Want this in an animated version? Get it for Wallpaper Engine on Steam using this link.

    Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops!

    Click here for the full image

  • Will these laptop specs run Red Dead Redemption 2, Skyrim, and Stray ?

    None of the "Can I run it" websites that I have found have the newest CPU's included.  

    Will I be able to run Red Dead Redemption 2 with these specs ?
    Any idea what kind of FPS I should expect ?  I'm guessing it can run it, but not well because…

  • LAPTOP v. DESKTOP; does it even matter anymore?

    The physical characteristics of desktops have always allowed for better performance than laptops due to size allowing for better heat dissipation management and bigger power supplies. I'm guessing the physical difference will always keep desktops Supreme…

  • Does everyone like the new rewards system?

    Pretty excited myself.  Getting rewards for using the forum is great!


    When buying games digitally ESPECIALLY the expansions, you should be able to access them on all systems. Do you Agree? What games have you seen on a system that you owned on another? I had all the zombie maps on Black ops 2 including the classics. I also…

  • If you could experience a game as a real life (like a Matrix) what game, or games would you play?

    Question! A thought experiment! If you could experience a game as real as real life then what games would you play?

    If I could experience a game as a real life, then I would never play a horror games like Biohazard or Dead Space. They are scary enough…

  • Nostalgic BRANDS that you remember

    My first pc I ever got was a custom Cyberpower PC in the early 2000s. When that got too outdated my dad went out got another pc from Best Buy. He bought an E-MACHINE with an Intel Celeron Processor. It was horrible. They told him that E-Machines was the…