• Free Homemade Legion Wallpaper!



    I took this picture at a state park and created this wallpaper from scratch. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to download and share!

    Edit: I added a cropped version (v2).

    Click the attachment below for the full image, then right-click and "save…

  • Community Poll - Merch

    There used to be some Legion branded merchandise sold on Lenovo.com a while ago that have since been removed.

    I have a shirt, hoodie, and water bottle along with the laptop stand, headset holder and case. Some I got using My Lenovo Rewards and the hoodie…

  • What is Your Favorite Game of All Time?

    Personally, I'd have to go with either Hollow Knight, Celeste, or The Binding of Isaac. What's y'all's fav games?

  • Giveaway Poll!

    Are you a fan of the switchover for the monthly giveaways to the Legion Go?  

    Are you a YES or NO? 

    Why?  or Why not?

  • How much games do you guys own?

    For me, I have 6 in my steam account and 2 on nintendo switch. Just thought it would be nice to share our little game collections!

  • 4060 vs 4070

    I’ve seen a lot of discussion this year about the 4060 laptop cards being overly similar to the 4070 in performance to the point that the discussion seems more between a 4060 or a 4080. I’ve had my eye on the legion 5 pro for a long time now, as I’m still…

  • Dust control

    Maybe I'm just OCD (I definitely am), but I want to keep ALL the dust out of my PC. I want all the incoming air to go thru a filter. On my old rig I used packing tape to seal up all the gaps. So far on my current system I 've hot-glued filter mesh to…

  • Desktop Setup 2

    My desktop with the new Legion wallpaper, more from on this discussion. 


    Rainmeter - rainmeter.net

    Agoz (edited my me from the  original) - Agoz Rainmeter Skin

  • Photography

    I recently dusted off my Canon bag and took my camera out last Sunday to a car show/track event and realized almost all of my knowledge of what I learned many years ago, in high school, flew out the window.

    It's also that time of year for those living…

  • 80% Discount for Assetto Corsa

     Hello Everyone 

    There's currently an 80% sale on Assetto Corsa on Steam The game is considered one of the most popular car racing games on the store The offer expires 46 hours after publishing this post

  • Happy October! What are your plans?

    It's the first of October! So I gotta ask what are your plans for this month? Buying new games coming out? Decorating your set up/place for the spooky season? Playing horror games or watching scary movies? Anything productive? 

  • How's everyone enjoying Starfield?

    For those who got the game and played it, how's Starfield? Personally, I feel that's a fun game, but it feels like Skyrim in a space setting with much better graphics.

    Unfortunately feels like the same old problems occur, bugs, and similar playstyle…

  • New here so hello!

    Just bought my 3rd lenovo legion.  I actually managed to snag one new at the height of the shortages a couple years ago.. it has a 5800h, 32 gigs of DDR4, 2tb m.2 and a 3070 with 6 gigs dedicated vram for $800... Not too bad especially when the shortages…

  • I think people post here for the points or the sweepstakes. Change my view.

    I spent about 6+ hours going through all of the top forums available on this community. I have a feeling that people post here for the points or the sweepstakes. Change my view. 

  • External SSD; Pre-built vs Build your one (SSD m.2 + enclosure)?

    I have been thinking for a long time to upgrade my old external 2.0 HDD to a 3.2 SSD which led me to this topic.

    What is better?, buy a prebuild SSD that should be better in quality or make one by myself by purchasing an SSD M.2 and an enclosure. Putting…