• Why be a Stray (game) When You Can Be a Copycat!

    Did you have fun and enjoy the game Stray? Well here's another game for the awesome cat lovers!

    Copycat is a touching narrative driven adventure where you’re a newly adopted cat who is replaced by a copy-cat.

    Copycat is a narrative-driven feline…

  • Comment on Free Wallpaper - "Sunset"

    Nice! This looks like the opening to a new hit TV series       Add the word "Nights" in a pink neon glow and I'm sure everyone in the office will be talking about the latest episode around the water cooler   

  • What was your first PlayStation game?

    I got my PlayStation shortly before Final Fantasy VII released (27 years ago this month, actually). I didn't really have too much extra money, so I had to pick up a couple of budget titles - Raiden Project (which was rad!) and then Criticom (which was…

  • Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 (T7 34IRZ8 - Type 90V7) Maximum Storage Capacity

    Hey everyone, I just got my hands on this beautiful tower with i9 and 4090. I saw that the maximum storage capacity for all types of storage is 2TB in the specifications but I also heard somewhere that it is a recommended value that is tested to work and…

  • Laptop Longevity

    I just recently purchased the Lenovo Legion 9 and as costly it was, I would like to keep it as long as possible. What steps do I need to take to keep my laptop running smoothly?

  • This is the best group!

    Hello PC gamers! I just wanted to say that having a PC is great, especially when it comes to content creation.

  • Does 3D printing your own parts interest you?

    I've seen some decent 3D printed handheld gaming device stands, prototype laptop shells / frames, custom external keyboard enclosures, etc. online recently. If you've 3D printed parts or objects for a computer / gaming-handheld, do you have a favorite…

  • Which game got you "hooked" on gaming?

    For me, it wasn't until I was in my mid-30s that I even decided I wanted to give gaming a go.  It started with some chill games on the Switch, which led to some solo games like Borderlands, but ultimately my partner got me into FFXIV which became my…

  • My Desktop

    My Desktop with the new Legion wallpaper

    Rainmeter Skin - drive.google.com/.../view

  • Happy New Year 2024

    <<< Happy New Year 2024 Lenovo Community >>>

  • Steam Winter Sale 2023 is here!!!

    Every year I wait for the Steam sales! Do you?

    The gamer moment I've personally been waiting for kicked off today! My gaming laptop and my Legion Go are ready for something new at a good price!

    What are you planning to pick up?

  • Decoration

    Do you use a video game theme when you decorate anything? A mural, a t shirt, stickers on your laptop or phone case, cosplay, anything. Upcycle broken tech for a unique style?

  • What game are you hoping to see in you're Christmas stocking?

    As for me, i was hoping to receive  Lies of P.    It's not going to happen sadly, but i will survive.

    So, what stocking stuffer game are you hoping to get?

  • Why does everyone keeps killing each other on GTA online

    Everyone keeps killing each other on GTA online, it sucks sometimes I'm in a mission and someone just runis it for me. Does this happen to you too?

  • Free Homemade Legion Wallpaper!



    I took this picture at a state park and created this wallpaper from scratch. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to download and share!

    Edit: I added a cropped version (v2).

    Click the attachment below for the full image, then right-click and "save…