• how many people here join just for the legion give away?

    title says it all

  • How do you like playing games on release?

    Do you like playing new games going in blind? Watching other streamers while playing the same game? Or waiting until someone posts a great way to play the game (via builds, etc)?

    And how long do you think people should wait before revealing spoilers for…

  • Upgraded RAM on My Lenovo Legion Gen 8 Gaming PC

    Hey guys, I finally upgraded the RAM on my Gen 8 Lenovo Legion Gaming Desktop. Lenovo issued a recent BIOS update that allows ram to run at 5600 Mhz with XMP now. After I set the speed to run at 5600 Mhz with the stock Samsung RAM, the CL went up to 46…

  • hi

    hi new to the legion community :) 

  • Comment on Free Wallpaper - "Nomad"

    Love the LEGION View!  Where is this located?  Thanks!