• Best Mods For GTA 5


    Please mention any good mods for GTA 5 and where to get them.. i usually use Nexus mods for GTA 5 and other games.. i like the zombie spawner mod and wheather mod.. any mods which adds alot of different vehicles.. thanks

  • Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 (T7 34IRZ8 - Type 90V7) Maximum Storage Capacity

    Hey everyone, I just got my hands on this beautiful tower with i9 and 4090. I saw that the maximum storage capacity for all types of storage is 2TB in the specifications but I also heard somewhere that it is a recommended value that is tested to work and…

  • How frequently do you game in your laptop VS your other consoles?

    I bought a Lenovo legion 7i but I’ve been gaming on my PS5 and my switch a lot more than the PC. How much do you really use your laptop for gaming? 

  • Best Handheld PC Gaming System

    I'm interested in the Steam Deck, but it doesn't play resource hungry games that good. I can compromise as a Nintendo Switch player, but would love to play Call of Duty with graphics high and low latency while on the go. Any suggestions?

  • Logitech MX Anywhere 3

    Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is this any good when gaming... worth the price... what is the best wireless and Bluetooth mouse... connecting to tv or any other device is it any good...should i buy this.. thanks

  • Back from Leave! - AMA with Ben (Lenovo CM)

    Hey Legion Community!

    After an amazing 4-month parental leave, I'm finally back at work today in my role as Senior Community Manager for Legion/Lenovo EDU  I've missed you all!

    I wanted to provide this quick update as I've seen a lot of questions…

  • New Xbox info/leaks

    How are we feeling about the new info that dropped last night? New digital console refresh, remasters of Fallout and elder scrolls, new games coming to Xbox, also Xbox wanted to buy Nintendo AGAIN? How do you guys feel on all this? I'm really interested…

  • For those who have had many laptops in the past, what has been your favourite?

    What has been your favorite gaming laptop and why?

    Note: the laptop doesn't have to be a Lenovo laptop, what I'm looking for is the laptop you've had that got the most bang for your buck.

  • Thoughts on the new event skins?

    I feel like Apex hasn't been dropping noteworthy skins in these heirloom events anymore. Honestly, it's starting to look like a cash grab with the heirloom as bait to buy all the skins. Thoughts?

  • New Member


    New member is in your stream of gaming.

    I like to play war games and horror games. can we colaburate

  • Whose story was fascinating and so amazing to read from the champions?

    For me it was the soul eater, ambitious and restless spirit of the Shadow Isles,Tresh's story. Let us hear yours.

  • [Legion Listens] What games/studios do you want to hear from?

    Hello Legion!

    Welcome to Legion Listens, a new series of mini-surveys and quick polls to learn your thoughts on the community and the gaming world at large.

    For this week's Legion Listens, we want to hear your wishlist of games that our community team…

  • I think people post here for the points or the sweepstakes. Change my view.

    I spent about 6+ hours going through all of the top forums available on this community. I have a feeling that people post here for the points or the sweepstakes. Change my view. 

  • Anybody have any good laptop sleeves I could get to protect my Legion 5i pro?

    (It’s 16” I think). Cause once you scratch that plastic or metal or whatever, it ain’t going away. Ever.

  • Installing FMCB in Play Station 2

    So, I was trying to install FMCB (FreeMCBoot) on my console and I watched a bunch of videos. Most of the videos said that FMCB doesn't work for the 900xx series slim modules. Unfortunately my console is 90001 module. Any suggestions on what should I…