• Space

    If given the opportunity, will you travel to space?

  • Desktop Customization

    Just to share my desktop setup



    Rainmeter theme (Mond) : https://visualskins.com/skin/mond

    TranslucentTB: https://www.google.com/search?q=translucenttb

  • Does anyone here play the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series?

    Randomly thought about this but I don't see much chatter on here about Yakuza/Like A Dragon so I gotta ask.

    Do you play them? If so, What's your favorite and least favorite game? Are you interested or hyped for the next games like Gaiden and Y8?…

  • Desktop to Laptop

    My wife and I are looking to downsize, and I have a desktop PC currently that I am trying to sell. I would like to get a gaming laptop to play on occasionally, but also work from. What recommendations would you give for choosing the best fit?