• iJustine: “This screen is INCREDIBLE”

    Before we give any context to this video or this post’s title, LOOK AT HOW GOOD THE LENOVO LEGION 7 LOOKS.

    Holy moly, that’s a good production setup.

    OK, sorry. Got sidetracked. Anyway, in partnership with our friends at Microsoft, we put…

  • Steam Summer Sale – Lenovo Staff Picks

    Ah yes, it’s that magical time of year again - the Steam Summer Sale has arrived!

    PC gamers the world over will be looking to bag themselves some cut-price titles for their games library, farm those sought-after Summer Sale trading cards, and dig…

  • Post your gaming set-ups!

    It's time to show off your gaming stations!

    From the humble single monitor set-up to spawling man/woman caves, post your set-ups below to show off how you game.

    For your consideration, I'll get the ball rolling with my humble abode - complete with Soldier…

  • Indie Dev 101 - Working with friends, covering yourself legally and supporting yourself financially.

    Making a video game is hard. Making it with a small team and a small budget is even harder.

    Smaller teams have to fill multiple roles, becoming the designer, accountant, marketer, developer, and more besides.

    If you’ve been thinking about entering the…


    Check out our Winner announcement here

    Have you got an epic gamer moment that you think deserves some recognition?

    For the next month, the Legion Gaming Community is hosting a competition to find out who in the community has the best gaming clip…

  • Play Valorant and AMA with TSM Drone!

    Get a chance to play Valorant with TSM Drone, or ask him anything!

    Join us next Thursday at 1pm EST // 10am PST on Twitch for a special costream with TSM Drone.

    We'll be playing live Valorant "Escalation" games with the Legion Community…

  • Appreciation post

    I joined this site only a month or two ago, and I have to say I am very impressed at how level headed and positive this community is. I have not seen a single negative post sarcastic or not and I have to say that is very refreshing. I just thought y'all…

  • Congrats to our "The Universim" giveaway winners!

    Congrats to our "The Universim" game key giveaway winners!

    Did you win a code? Let us know in the comments!

    Here is the full list of winners:


  • (Discussion) New Giveaway - Art of Rally

    This week's partner giveaway is for Art of Rally!

    Enter Giveaway Now (Must be logged in to view)

    Art of Rally is a new indie racing title on Steam, and it's already getting killer reviews.


    "Race in the golden era of rally. Drive iconic cars from…

  • New Wallpaper Discussion - "Depths"

    (To get the full resolution, visit the official download page)

    New wallpaper available for download today!

    To get it, make sure you're logged in, then click here to view the download page.

    What do you think of this wallpaper?

  • Free Download Discussion - Bomb Bots Arena

    In addition to our Giveaway Contest, we also have a Free Download for Bomb Bots Arena this week!

    Click Here to Enter (Must be logged in)

    The first 5000 members to participate will instantly win a rare in-game topper for your bomb bot.

    What do you think…

  • Giveaway Discussion - Bomb Bots Arena

    Announcing our first in-game item giveaway!


    We're thrilled to be launching out first game partnership giveaway with Bomb Bots Arena and the team at Tiny Roar.

    Bomb Bots Arena is a multiplayer competitive arena…

  • New Group - Welcome to the "Freebies" group!

    Welcome to the Freebies group!

    This new group is a space to discuss weekly active giveaways, contests, and other rewards on the Legion Gaming Community.

    This group goes hand-in-hand with the Quests page. The Quests page will show you all active perks…

  • Pokemon GO - Friend Code Exchange

    I need more friends in Pokemon GO!

    A few of the staff here at Lenovo have been playing PoGo lately, and we need some new friends to raid, share gifts, and battle with.

    Drop your trainer code in the comments if you'd like to connect with new friends as…