• [LEGION LISTENS] Let us know what new community features you'd like to see!

    Hello Legion!

    Welcome to Legion Listens, a new series of mini-surveys and quick polls to learn your thoughts on the community and the gaming world at large.

    For our very first Legion Listens, we're keen to learn a little about your thoughts on the Legion…

  • Unofficial Official Friend Request Thread

    Just reply here and we can all start adding each other as friends.

  • [PC] (DLC) World of Warships — New Year Camo Collection [Free]

    DLC Price: $3.09 Free (Free until January 2)

    Base Game Price: Free to Play


    Bolster your arsenal with this festive cache that holds all the New Year-themed camouflages that have graced…

  • New Years Goals

    What would you like to accomplish in this new year?

  • Steam Freebie: Knights Path The Tournament

    This game is a great little pickup and an excellent diversion quick play!

    Knight's Path: The Tournament is a short (2-3 hour long) medieval RPG featuring challenging combat, an immersive progression system, and a nice little story. It serves both as…

  • [Epic Games] (Game) Ghostrunner [Free]

    Price: $29.99 Free (Free until January 1, 16:00 UTC)


    Ghostrunner offers a unique single-player experience: fast-paced, violent combat, and an original setting that blends science fiction with post-apocalyptic…

  • Lenovo Legion Product

    What is your favorite Lenovo Legion Product?

  • Your Phone

    Which phone do you guys currently own? I have a Note 20 Ultra.

  • What is your New Year's Resolution?

    Did you make one?   Care to share?

  • What's your New Years resolution for gaming?

    Just curious if anyone has New Years resolution for gaming. I hope to actually hit masters in TFT.

  • new Xbox series X suggestion settings

    What settings should be applied on new Xbox X to make the internet speed faster.. when download any game it gets paused some time and also slow speed... tried using wire and wireless but nothing helped.. any suggestions.. Thank you 

  • What's the largest amount of Lenovo rewards you've collected or spent?

    Random question time! How much of the Lenovo rewards have you accumulated or used? Like the largest amount you've ever collected at one time and if you want to share What did you use it on? 

  • Out of the Park Baseball

    Has anyone tried Out of the Park Baseball boon the Legion Go?

  • One game leading to another

    Have you ever had one game you played lead to another game? I don't mean for instance playing Gears of War 3 so you had to play Gears of War 4. I’m talking about a completely different game. It can be the same genre or not but different game.…

  • Favorite holiday game?

    Does anyone have a game(s) they play specifically for the holiday season that they go back to every year to feel festive?