• Thoughts on Companies Offering Freebies / Giveaways / Contests / etc.

    Does anyone have any strong feelings (or not so strong ones) on companies that offer freebies / giveaways / contests / etc., to folks that engage with their content, follow them, etc.?  Like, does it increase your loyalty to that company or make you want…

  • Best mouse pad suggestions?

    Looking for some good suggestions for a new mouse pad

  • What's playing on your second screen when gaming?

    Curious as to what other people have on their secondary screen when playing games. Walkthroughs? Build guides? Youtube? Netflix?

  • CES 2024 Upcoming Laptop

    Buying a laptop now or wait for CES 2024.. Will there be new laptop with intel 15th gen or 14th gen ... may be price drop after CES 2024.. 

  • Name Gaming Industry Awards That Should Exist

    You're Developing Your Own "Gaming Awards". What award categories would you include to differentiate your awards from others? What categories do you think are unsung (overlooked) but deserve recognition?

  • What is your favorite Saints Row game?

    Do you have a favorite saints row game out of the six games in the franchise? The more down to earth GTA style of the original. Or the off wacky super hero of the 4th. The new reboot? Haven't played the reboot yet but I liked saints row the third for…

  • Giveaway Poll!

    Are you a fan of the switchover for the monthly giveaways to the Legion Go?  

    Are you a YES or NO? 

    Why?  or Why not?

  • New Years Resolutions?

    Anyone here got any New Years resolutions? 

  • My Review Of the Lenovo Legion 9i Gaming Laptop With RTX 4080

    Hey Guys!

    Just did a review of the Lenovo Legion 9i laptop if anyone is considering this laptop! I used it exclusively for over a month while I was on vacation and it was rock solid and reliable the entire time. I also use the Gen 8 Legion desktop as…

  • Decoration

    Do you use a video game theme when you decorate anything? A mural, a t shirt, stickers on your laptop or phone case, cosplay, anything. Upcycle broken tech for a unique style?

  • What are your favorite retro consoles?

    Also, what are your favorite games for that console? Would love to learn some hidden gems I've never heard of!

  • What's your audio setup for gaming and/or music?

    What's your gaming/music audio setup looking like? What pair of headphones, speakers, mics, and additional gear such as amps or dacs do you use and how do you feel about them for their purpose? Do you feel you got it just right with competitive edge and…

  • Best Setting for PS3 emulation

    The subject itself says it all. What are your ps3 emulation settings? From bios, TDP, refresh rate, settings, etc. I don't have one yet, but this is my main concern. I guess that same goes for xbox 360. Looking for that sweet spot for console exclusives…

  • Opinions on Handhelds

    I'm just curious, what's everyone's take on handheld systems? I personally love them. I love the portability and the power, albeit with the caveats. Do certain games hold you back from getting one or was there a game that was the reason you got one?…

  • How much games do you guys own?

    For me, I have 6 in my steam account and 2 on nintendo switch. Just thought it would be nice to share our little game collections!