• What games are you playing lately?

    2021 is here - what games are you playing to kick off the new year?

    Rust has been taking over Twitch charts lately, but I'm still personally hooked on League of Legends (and probably always will be).

    What games are you running right now? Looking…

  • Season 8

    Hi everyone. It's been a week since season 8 started. What are your thoughts of it so far?

  • New Group - Welcome to the "Freebies" group!

    Welcome to the Freebies group!

    This new group is a space to discuss weekly active giveaways, contests, and other rewards on the Legion Gaming Community.

    This group goes hand-in-hand with the Quests page. The Quests page will show you all active perks…

  • LGC Minecraft Server

    The LGC Minecraft server is now LIVE

    Come visit and connect with the community on our very own Minecraft server hosted by Brain Dead Guild! We are still building out the world and have already seen a steady stream of visitors staking their claim in the…

  • If You Like Stardew Valley, Then Try This

    As it grows colder here in the northern hemisphere, I find myself yet again creating a new save file for one of my favorite games, Stardew Valley. There’s nothing better in my book than cozying up to some tea and grinding away on my farm next to the quaint…

  • New Legion Laptops Announced Today

    The Next-Gen Legion Lineup is here!

    They're equipped with NEW processors from AMD and NVIDIA 3K GPU cards.

    What are your thoughts on the new Laptops?

    • Legion 7
    • Legion 7 Slim
    • Legion 5 Pro
    • Legion 5

    Will you be picking one up this Spring?