• Alexa Paid Upgrade

    Alexa is planning to launch a paid subscription for AI digital assistant service because they are losing so much money on it. They are thinking about charging $5-$10  month (likely $5, then $10). This one will generate artificial conversations...


  • First Computer

    What was your first Computer? What was the Operating System was it Dos, Windows, Apple, or a Linus?

  • What genre of games do you want to see more of?

    There's only so much space for live service games and with more publishers taking less risks, what genre of games do you want to see more of and would support? I loved Obra Dinn and Golden Idol and want to see more detective style games of that nature…

  • Book or Movie

    Is there a book or movie you would like to see made into a video game?  I'd like a space strategy game based on David Webers' Honor Harrington series of books.

  • Summer Festival for Games #summergamefest

    Today, 5 hours after this post, the #Summergamefest event will begin for the games, where a number of new games will be announced and the most important updates of the famous games in addition to the most important ads for the largest games companies…

  • Favorite RTS Games

    I'm looking for more RTS games to play. I liked the C&C games, Starcraft games, Age of Empires and Civilization series and Company of Heroes. What are you favorite RTS games? They can be newer or older games, doesn't matter to me. I'm just looking for…

  • What are you reading?

    What are you reading?  Big, small and anything and everything in between. 

  • Mechanical Keyboards for PC Gaming

    Whats your favorite mechanical keyboard for PC gaming? I pretty recently got a Keychron Q1 HE and so far it's been awesome! I think its pretty comparable to the Wooting HE60 although the Keychron has a 75% layout rather than a 60% so it has arrow and…

  • Protecting your Gaming PC or laptop....

    What software do you prefer?

  • New PC Help

    What would be a good PC for someone just getting into PC gaming? I'm not looking for a super computer, just something that will run games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty well. Additionally, what's a PC that could run Rust somewhat decently? Looking…

  • Rumor: Xbox's Next Gen Console being a Handheld

    Do y'all think Xbox's handheld will be a stream only device like PlayStation's or a full fledged device like the Legion Go, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, etc.?

  • High quality webcam vs mirrorless camera

    A high quality 4K webcam (e.g. from Logitech or Razer) or a mirrorless camera connected to the computer? What do you think the pros and cons are for each? Main usage would be for streaming.

  • Comment on New Wallpaper - "Rainier"

    Fun fact, I actually took the photo for this one myself, the location is Mt. Rainier in Washington state

  • Comment on (Ended) Legion Go Giveaway - May 2024

    I won a Febreze promotion about a year ago. It was a light blue sweatsuit that didn't fit, lol. Still cool to win something, though.