• Upcoming Summer Games/Movies/Books

    Since there's diverse interest in games, movies, literature, etc in the Legion community, I thought to ask what others are looking forward to in the coming months as we're nearing May and the summer is just a hop and skip away. Feel free to share anything…

  • Incognito Mode

    Google is being sued for violating the sacred trust of Incognito Mode. Supposedly, you should be able to use it without being tracked, collecting cookies, etc., but apparently they collected all this data anyway.

    Do you use Chrome or Incognito Mode…

  • Lenovo Legion

    If you could win a Lenovo Legion product, what will you want it to be?

  • What to do with old PCs?

    I'm curious what everyone does with their old PCs? Strip them of parts to add to your hoard, recycle, sell, trade, refurbish and donate?

  • What first got you into Lenovo?

    When I was growing up my Dad gave me an old Lenovo laptop as a hand me down. I couldn’t play many games on it, but I remember always playing Doom II because it was one of the few games that it could run haha. Any other cool stories about Lenovo?…

  • Installing Arch on my Legion Go - A High Level Guide and my learnings

    Hi All!

    So, as I alluded to before in my last post where I installed Nobara Linux on my Legion Go, I usually prefer more hard-to-install distros. So this week, during my vacation I did just that!

    So, let's go back to basics, why do I want to go from Nobara…

  • ROG Ally already got AFMF


    I wonder when legion go will get these too.....

  • What Is Your Favorite Super Hero Game?

    With Spiderman: Miles Morales dropping today and talk of other Marvel and DC games coming to the new gen consoles and PC I am curious.....

    What is your favorite superhero game? 

    There are some good ones out there. 

    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
    • Batman Arkham…
  • Chrome or Edge in 2024?

    Which do you prefer? It's now closer than ever in my opinion, since Edge runs on the same engine Chrome uses.

  • What if the next version of the Legion Go skipped the screen for AR glasses instead; would you buy one?

    That it what another company may be doing.


    I would definitely be interested in a Legion Go minus a screen, replaced with AR glasses.

    My biggest concern would…

  • Using the Legion Go as a Workstation

    Hey all.  New to the Go (as of yesterday), but one of the things that intrigued me about it over the ROG Ally or the Steamdeck is it's ability to be used as a workstation as well.  

    Have any of you used it for productivity/work, and if so how was it…

  • Last Lenovo.com Purchase?

    Curious to hear what things people choose to purchase from Lenovo.com and why. Also, do you use the rewards program? How much difference does this make to what you choose to buy?

  • What's your opinion on games today

    Do you think games are getting worse, ou're getting older and don't care as much or do you still enjoy the newer games? do you prefer indie games over AAA games?

    Every game follows a formula, with slight variations in story, art, or gameplay.…

  • Meta set to delete all Oculus account data by end of March

    If you still haven’t migrated your Oculus account to a Meta one, you might want to do that soon. Meta recently announced that it will be deleting all Oculus accounts and the data associated with them by the end of the month.

    Users are instructed…

  • How did your favorite game franchise end up?

    I’ve been a big gamer for over 20 years and I’ve seen the rise and fall of many game franchises, both ones I loved and didn’t care for. 

    a few of them (that have fallen) for me are franchises like Halo, Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts, and…