• Legion Go AMA - NA Senior Gaming Product Manager Ben Myers

    Ask us anything about the Lenovo Legion Go!

    For our first ever US Legion Gaming Community AMA, we're joined by Ben Myers.

    Ben Myers is Lenovo's North American Senior Gaming Product Manager, who has a ton of info on our newly-announced Legion Go handheld…

  • My Friendly Neighborhood

    I was curious if anyone here has checked out the recently released horror FPS game My Friendly Neighborhood on steam! It's a unique title with pretty clear inspiration from the Resident Evil, Bioshock, and Sesame Street franchises, which doesn't sound…

  • Does anyone actually max out lenovo rewards monthly?

    I find it very difficult to finish the adding of new friends and receiving likes on my content every month. Wish there was a way to have more agency on the receiving likes other than posting a ton of new topics.

  • Games you would like to see become backwards compatible

    Xbox has many playable backwards compatible titles, however there are many that still haven't been made backwards compatible. 

    What games would you like to see added to backwards compatible library? 

    I would like to see Burnout Crash added 

  • (Ended) What's your favorite boss in gaming and why? (V Rising Keys)

    What's your favorite boss in gaming and why?

    In honor of V Rising, we're talking bosses today!
    Of all the bosses in video games, which one stands out to you as your favorite and WHY?

    Let me know in the comments below, and I'll DM Steam keys f…

  • We've lost ownership of video games for the sake of convenience

    It is heartbreaking to know that for most people, their entire collection of video games is bound to an account on a gaming service provider. If you buy a digital copy on Steam, PS, XBOX or Switch, you own nothing at all.

    When you buy a video game, you…

  • What is your single favorite "scary" game of all time, and why?

    EDIT: Keys are closed for today! Stay tuned later this week for more.
    You're still able to participate in the discussion of course 

    What single "scary" game is your favorite you've ever played, and why?

    Let me know in the comments below…