• Find a laptop for all needs

    I'm trying to find a laptop which can do all my needs .

    I get tired of keeping 2 laptop one for gaming and other for browsing and straming .

    I have to update both laptop and also upgrade both .

    What do you a think about one poweful laptop can handle…

  • Accessories.

    What was your favorite computer related accessory?

  • For those who have had many laptops in the past, what has been your favourite?

    What has been your favorite gaming laptop and why?

    Note: the laptop doesn't have to be a Lenovo laptop, what I'm looking for is the laptop you've had that got the most bang for your buck.

  • For $3,500 would you rather buy a cheap used car or THE NEW LEGION 9i!!!!

    I would buy the Legion 9i tbh. It’s a beast.


    A handheld pc device was not on the top of the list for me but after seeing the Legion Go, I really am interested in it. I remember when the Steam Deck launched and I had mixed feelings with its compatibility, price and modeling. Legion Go looks like…

  • What would be your dream laptop?

    Your dream laptop doesn't mean the most power laptop currently conceivable, your dream laptop doesn't even have to currently exist, just a laptop that you would really want to have and why.

  • Pc gaming vs console gaming?- concoles moving too fast.

    Personally im team pC /laptop, i dont lije how predatory console gaming had become with it's subscriptions and rapid device jumping.

    I've learned such a trend of games now moving to the next series way too fast like I think got Xbox one only like…