• Thanks Lenovo for the September 2023 Laptop Giveaway!

    I won the September 2023 laptop giveaway. Many thanks to Lenovo for running these monthly contests and providing such a great laptop! It's really a fantastic device! Good luck to all in October!

  • Has anyone won any Lenovo giveaways?

    I was just curious if anyone has one of the Lenovo giveaways?

  • Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3

    Would this gaming laptop by any chance be a good starting laptop for kids getting into PC gaming? Overall in my opinion it’s a great option especially when it has upgradable options such as the extra slot for RAM and upgradable storage. The specs aren…

  • Comment on Meet the MyLenovo Rewards Team - Roundtable

    Hello.   Thanks for joining and bringing us even more opportunities.   Sorry I missed the party.  

  • AI War

    Hello and Hi Everyone  

    Microsoft launched a new Bing compatible with Chat GPT ( The new AI website). Now you can ask bing any question you need like what you did with chat GPT.

    Google sensed the danger and announced to Bard that new AI will support its…

  • Premium, Extra, or Standard PLUS subscription? That is the question.

    What are your ideas on which route to go?   Pros vs Cons in your thought process for the choice.