• Can Gaming Laptops compete with Gaming Desk Top Computers?

    How can Gaming Laptops compete with the much larger Gaming desk top computers? I have heard that Gaming Laptops use the APU to provide graphics where Desk Top types usually have a separate dedicated Graphics card(s). I couldn't find a good Youtube video…

  • Chat GPT 4.0 Chat GPT 4.0


    OpenAI, the developer of the famous Chat GPT program - which provides you with answers to many of your questions with artificial intelligence that gives you a very large correct answer in addition to a simple and easy-to-understand language - announced…

  • Most satisfying accomplishment in your personal gaming journey?

    What is that one moment that you will always remember when you beat a game/boss or just pulled off what was once impossible when you first started playing a game?

  • What ammo type do you prefer?

    I prefer energy and light just because most of my main go to weapons use it. But curious what you guys think.

  • Why isn't Lenovo being pushed as a more reliable brand?

    When I was really following TSM for League of Legends the last iteration of the team I watched had a partnership with Legion, this is the only professional partnership that I've seen but then again I do not watch a ton of pro league for any games anymore…

  • Collections

    Do you have a  What do You collect? or what you would love to collect?

  • COD Modern Warfare 2 Players’ setup?

    Hi! I currently play COD MW2 on the PS5, but I was wanting to use my laptop to play to test things out. 

    Which way is easier, playing with a controller on the pc or would a keyboard and mouse be better? 

  • COD MW2 on Legion 7 laptop?

    Has anyone played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on the legion 7 laptop? 

    How’s the gameplay, smooth? Also, are you using a controller or keyboard/mouse? 

  • AI in Gaming

    What do you think the future of AI in gaming will be? 

    Will it be used to advance the story or maybe rewrite the story as we play?

  • Starting out in 3D printing

    I'm just getting into 3D printing and finding out it's a steep learning curve but a rewarding one at that. Does anyone have any tips for first timers, perhaps to save them time where you yourself have failed a time or two?

    Example: I learned after…

  • Free to Play vs Premium Games Discussion

    In recent years, there's been a lot of games either going Free-to-Play or employing microtransactions, as opposed to simply having a single price up front. Some people like this, as they find free-to-play games more accessible (as an upfront cost of…

  • New Game Idea

    Hey everyone, I am an up-and-coming game developer and asset builder. I have a dream game idea, but I think it's important to gain feedback from the gaming community before I really hone in on its creation.

    Personally, I've had enough of all the harvest…

  • After C9 vs FLY series, do you think C9 have a real chance at MSI?

    After watching the game today, I think C9 has a real chance at MSI, at least top 4. Their draft was very good, their macro was always on point and their team-fight was executed perfectly. FLY is not an easy opponent and C9 wiped the floor with them. What…

  • The Wiggle That Killed Tarkov

    Just wondering what anyone (and everyone) thinks about the video posted on g0at's YouTube channel.  Just how bad has cheating gotten?

    If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link:

    The Wiggle That Killed Tarkov

  • Is no man sky any good

    I really want to try no man sky with some friends but I’ve been told that it has almost no content and gets boring quickly. Looking for others insight here.