• If You Like The Witcher III, Try This!

    As far as story driven RPG games go, you can’t get much better than The Witcher series by Polish Developer CD Projekt Red. The third installment, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, is the triumph of the entire trilogy, blending the narrative and culture…

  • With The New PlayStation Plus Out, What’s Your Thoughts?

    I picked it up last night for a month to see how I felt about it. Honestly I’m not entirely sure. It’s nice to have some good PS5 available to try. I am currently playing Death Stranding: Directors Cut, and am excited that people will get to t try other…

  • Which game you playing these days?

    Hi everyone,
    I wondering what are you all currently playing and how is going so far?
    You can write about here below this post, have a nice day and games