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    We want to hear YOUR home designs for your favorite video game character!

    Maybe you'll…

  • Remnant 2

    whats everyone's opinion on Remnant 2?  i have to say i'm really enjoying the game and there is so much replayability because of all the different scenarios, zones and bosses that you may encounter.  the class system isn't bad either imo.  so…

  • Freebie for Minecraft: Turtle t-shirt

    If you play Minecraft, you can get a turtle T-shirt

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  • What is the best way to keep the points from expiring?

    I keep earning points but they expire before I have enough to enter a good sweepstake or make a purchase. How do you use your points?

  • [Epic Games] (Game) Loop Hero [Free]

    Price: $14.99 Free (Free until August 10, 15:00 UTC)


    The Lich has thrown the world into a timeless loop and plunged its inhabitants into never ending chaos. Wield an expanding deck of mystical cards to place…

  • Is League of Legends worth starting in 2023?


    I used to play League of Legends casually years ago and never got to be very good at it. This was mainly due to focusing more on other games. However, there were a lot of aspects of League that I really enjoyed. Fast forward to 2023 and League…

  • Best RPGs 2023

    What are the top 3 RPGs for 2023?

  • Do you think RGB is overrated?

    I personally think so. Occasionally I will use one solid color but I would prefer computers came with the option for RGB or no RGB.as they would look a lot cleaner.  

  • How much has gaming impacted your personal life?

    One of the things many of us have in common on this community is gaming. Depending on how much we are passionate about it and the hours we play for weeks, it can affect our lives in various ways.

    Some positive things I can get out from gaming are the…

  • [Epic Games] (Game) Train Valley 2 [Free]

    Price: $14.99 Free (Free until July 20, 15:00 UTC)


    Build even more complex railway networks than ever before! Building on the success of the original, you’ll get more of what you loved about the…

  • Are Freebies important for gamers?

    Are Freebies important for gamers?

  • Consoles vs PC

    Throughout the years there have been an increase in people switching from consoles to PC. I count myself on that group despite wishing a PS5 since Sony revealed it.

    I own a gaming laptop because I already had a Steam account with many games I could properly…

  • Has any artificial intelligence tool ever helped you significantly?

    We are currently living in times we could only imagined ages ago in science fiction books and movies. 

    It's clear that A. I. as a technological achievement also comes with philosophic opinions, ethical problems and many controversies that we could agree…

  • PS alternatives for Legion laptops

    Does anyone have any recommendations for smaller/lighter (travel-friendly) alternatives to the 300W/330W power supplies that come with Legion laptops?

    Same for any options for 140W USB-C chargers (that will actually do 140W on a single port).

  • Specs

    What do you look for in a phone when you want to primarily play games on it?