• First Computer

    What was your first Computer? What was the Operating System was it Dos, Windows, Apple, or a Linus?

  • Happy Birthdays

    My birthday is on July 5th, and my teenage daughter on July 3rd,

    and we always celebrate our birthdays on July 4th.

    I need Any Good Ideas? Be creative.

  • Warranty and Protection Plans

    What has been your experience with Lenovo's warranty and protection plans? Are they worth the investment, and have they been helpful in resolving any issues you've encountered? I wanted to go with the 4y Legion Ultimate Support but ultimately decided…

  • Gaming on next-gen ARM SoC

    What will gaming on a Snapdragon Elite X be like?

    Now that Microsoft is forced to make a version of Windows which (truly) runs on ARM¹, I wonder how well it will run games.  And whether or not the NPU will be used to offer "assists"—similar to those…

  • New Legion Go owner with a few questions!

    I have had an LCD Steam Deck and was looking for an upgrade.  Yesterday, I made my decision and bought a Legion Go. I chose it for the larger display and because Windows, for all its pros and cons, can be tweaked in many ways. There's a lot of information…

  • (Poll) AI in Gaming. Thoughts?

    Hey friends!

    Do you think AI will help/hurt your future gaming experience?

    Ex: NPC interactions, Random Map Generation, Smart Optimization, etc.

  • Buy or Wait - Legion Tower i7 Gen 8 with 4080 Super

    I've been saving money and with the sales on the i7 tower gen 8 4080 super @ $2400 wondering if I should buy now or wait for the 50 series graphics cards.

    I am gaming with a 1070 now and want to upgrade but not really in a hurry to spend that money…

  • Thoughts On New Xbox Console Announcements?

    I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the new console announcements. Basically they are adding space to the exact same console and prettying them up. I would have preferred they announce an WAY CHEAPER way to expand storage or an actual performance…

  • Dota 2

    Is it possible to play Dota 2 with this console without use the mouse and keyboard? Even without remove the joysticks ?

  • QUESTION OF THE DAY: Two monitors for gameplay, or one HUGE one. GO!

    I have two smallish monitors and im looking to upgrade. I kind of like having a wide field of view with the two monitors but I hate the bar gap in the center of my vision. Anyone have a recommendation on a good color, fps huge monitor that wont break…

  • (Poll) Are you a fan of AI? (ChatGPT, Midjourney, Video/Audio, etc.)

    (Please keep discussion civil, haha)

  • Your hunger can no longer be suppressed - what's your quick food fix?

    Assuming there are no leftovers in the fridge, when my stomach starts yelling, "Feed Me!," but I still have stuff to work on, or play through, I'll make a quick run to the local burger joint, e.g., BK or Mickie D's, order a pizza w/ sausage, or go for…

  • (Poll) Most ICONIC Video Game Character?

  • VR and AR Compatibility

    Has anyone tried using their Lenovo gaming laptop(especiallly something like the 9i) with VR headsets? How well does it handle the additional load, and are there any specific models or setups you would recommend?

  • Is Intel better than AMD?

    I used to own a Legion y720 with an intel processor. The UI mostly sucked but never had any complaint with the speed at the time. My legion S7 now has an AMD processor and while the UI is miles better it sometimes cant keep up with the load. Sould i buy…