• Wasteland 3 Now Loads Up To 60% Quicker

    Gotta go fast

    Enjoying the wealth of cRPGs on offer these days? If Wasteland 3 has been one of them, you’re not alone. Many players are enjoying inXile’s latest addition to the franchise, although long loading times and other issues have admittedly been…

  • Sega Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

    Free games? Yes please!

    Sega turns 60 this year, and has been giving out free games to celebrate the occasion, including Sonic 2 earlier this week, along with a handful of other titles that’ve made their way to Steam. PC gamers have been able to pick…

  • Free Download - Pyrimidia Wallpaper

    Download a new look!

    Add a new Legion-themed wallpaper to your collection with this free download, exclusive to community users.

    Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops!

    Click the link below to download:

  • Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Brings War-Worthy Joy to RTS players


    Definitive fun

    RTS fans have been enjoying Microsoft’s recent attention to the titular RTS classic series, Age of Empires. Having remastered both previous entries in the series, the company turned their attention to the third and last entry, presumably…

  • Live Unboxing - Legion H500 Headphones

    Need a new pair of headphones?

    Check out this live unboxing of the new Legion H500 headphones!

    Have a question about these? Leave a comment below, tag me, and I'll get back to you here.

  • Silver Snipers: The Get Got By A Gran Challenge 2020

    Esports is just fun and games, right? Wrong.

    1 in 3 seniors are lonely, and esports can help.

    That’s why we challenged young gamers to game with a senior on World Senior Citizen’s Day. Watch the action unfold, then learn more about combating senior…

  • TSM Myth & the Rainbow Six Siege Squad Play Among Us

    Trust no one, not even your teammates.

    #AMONGUS -- Myth, Macie Jay, and the entire TSM Rainbow Six Siege team decided to play a friendly game of AMONG US, only to discover a 199 IQ IMPOSTER in their mist! Will they be able to solve the mystery in time…

  • Live Interview - Ryvalok, Legion Community UX Designer

    Let's meet Ryvalok!

    In this week's Meet the Legion interview, I sat down with Ryvaok, Lenovo Legion Community UX Designer.

    Ryvalok shared his background working on the Gaming Community UX project, deep history and love of gaming, and much more…

  • Minecraft - Remote Learning Series

    Partner Content: Microsoft / Minecraft

    See how Minecraft Education Edition is being used for remote learning in 2020!

  • Active games for kids stuck inside over the winter?

    I have 3 girls under 10yrs old that I've been trying to keep busy in quarantine. Over the summer they played outside in the backyard but now that winter is here it's hard to send them outside to play in the rain. I've been looking for video games that…

  • Lenovo Rewards!

    Dear Visitor!

    Lenovo Affiliates each have a custom reward code that can be used to get $10 for free on Lenovo Rewards. My code is "Fultec". Not only do you benefit by getting $10 COMPLETELY FREE, but after 500 code redemptions, I'll be able to give away…

  • Thoughts on Bots

    It's no secret that the tech industry has been seeing a lot of inventory issues. For various reasons the tech industry has struggled to keep up with demand. We saw the RTX 3000 series launch met supply issues that still persist, and the PlayStation 5…

  • Will mobile gaming ever be considered on the same level as console or PC gaming?

    I really wonder if there will come a time when the best players of a mobile game will be as good as or better than the best players on console or PC in the same game. I would like to see a massive tournament featuring an equal number of the top talents…

  • Allow users to reply and like posts in groups they have not joined.

    I wasn't allowed to like a comment in the IYLTTYTLTTTTTT group until I joined it. I feel like this community could act as more of an open forum where people are free to hop between threads and boards without having to join each one. The join group feature…

  • AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs absolutely obliterates Intel processors in one-sided workstation test (Techradar)

    In the Puget Systems tests, the Ryzen 5000 easily out-paced similarly priced processors from Intel, all across the board.

    Of particular note is the performance of the Ryzen 9 5900X and 5950X that out-performed the Intel X-Series CPUs by about 40%.

    In several…