• Affiliate Deals

    Just an FYI for those that are new here! You can get access to affiliate exclusive deals on http://www.legiondiscounts.com

  • VR Recommendations?

    Since Covid, I've been using my Oculus Rift S to take experiential vacations and get some exercise. Anyone have any recommendations? 

  • Apex Predictions on Twitch

    Here's a snapshot of what Apex Legends viewership on Twitch has looked like over the past 2 weeks.

    You can see the huge spike in viewers on the launch of Season 7, with a gradual rolloff to where we are now - about 75k viewers watching Apex on average…

  • White Text/Black Text Issue when Typing up Posts

    Seems like when you type up a new post the space to create a post has a white background with black text (defaulted white in the color selector). However, if you decide to make the text black in the the editor to contrast with the white background during…

  • PS5 @ Walmart today 11/12/2020 - with 4 hourly drops



    Online at 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, or 9 PM ET.

    PlayStation 5
    PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

    Limited quantities offered at 12PM ET, 3PM ET, 6PM ET, 9PM ET on 11/12/2020. While supplies last. Available online…

  • Best weapons to use in Season 7?

    Which weapons do you feel are the strongest in the new Apex season?

    Do you think the R-99 is as good as people say, or overrated?

    What sleeper weapons do you feel are secretly OP?

    Personally, I've been loving the Sentinel and Wingman lately. The Sentinel…

  • Announcing the General discussion group!

    You asked for it - we've added our first new group for general discussions!

    Want to talk about movies? Food? Memes? This is your go-to spot (unless those topics need a group soon, too!)

    Feel free to post any discussions not specific to the other existing…

  • Favorite Games to 100% or Get Platinum Trophy

    So I just 100% Spider-Man and all the DLC's as I was waiting for Miles Morales to come out and I wanted to share my favorite games that provided the most pleasure in getting 100% completeion or the platnium trophy. 

    1.) God of War 

    This was a heck…

  • Anyone know how long it may take to complete the Battle Pass this season?

    I saw this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/jodynf/the_battle_pass_is_way_too_grindy_does_not_feel/ but I'm not seeing anything about how long it may actually take to grind. I was hoping someone here might have an answer.

  • Games, COVID, Community

    Hello All, 

    I'll just come out and admit it. I turned 40 this summer. Yes, I'm old.  Please be kind with your comments. :) 

    I remember when my dad turned 40. Mom threw a big party, and everyone was there. We gave him a bunch of "Over the Hill" gag…

  • Multiple notifications within a single thread

    Can we have all the notifications clear when we have multiple alerts for a single thread, I keep trying to go through my 30+ notifications from the other day and keep running back to the same threads. We should have them either combine or all clear together…

  • Xbox, PlayStation, or Some Kind of Awful 3rd Party Trash?

    What controller do you folks prefer connecting to your PC for those games that are better played with one? I'm an Xbox controller kind of person myself. I prefer the offset sticks and the triggers feel better to me.

    Steam Controller users need not…

  • Display Question: To you what is more important in a display: Hz or NITs?

    Display Question: To you what is more important in a display: Hz or NITs?

    Follow up what is your favorite display configuration?

  • League of Legends - 9 Days left in the Season!

    Only 9 days remain in the League ranked season!

    Have you hit your goal rank yet? 

    I haven't... currently sitting at 60lp, Gold 1. I think I MIGHT have time to grind to plat, but end of season games are always whack....

    Are you pushing for a rank?

  • Apex Legends Tournament - LFG Thread

    Our first official community Apex tournament signup is now live!

    Sign up to complete on either November 20th or 27th with the squad of your choice for big prizes.

    Looking for a squad? Use this thread as a starting place to find a group!